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A Parade of Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumper is a colloquial way of saying “Ugly Jumpers!” LOL!

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Don’t forget to Fall Back

Tonight, we turn back the clock … Read more…

Fancy a doodle meet at Camber Sands?

Oh yeah! Dante, we’ll be there! Read more…

Monday Blues?

Crazeeee dog lady!!!!  Mummy’s now wearing coats that matches ours! LOL!!!! Read more…

The Aftermath

After all the fun had been had at our Doodle Meet, this is how we ended up.  Read more…

  • IMG_1617
  • IMG_1594
  • IMG_1583We're here!
  • IMG_1586And away we go!
  • IMG_1587Darcy, Jaffa and George
  • IMG_1591George warding off other dogs!
  • IMG_1592
  • IMG_1598
  • IMG_1600
  • IMG_1603
  • IMG_1606
  • IMG_1616
  • IMG_1618
  • IMG_1619
  • IMG_1623
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1628George and Darcy - a bit wet and cold form the rain
  • IMG_1629Ritzy and Olive's first meet
  • IMG_1630Ritzy, the schnoodle!
  • IMG_1635Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1646Luca finally arrived!
  • IMG_1648Clementine was the last to arrive
  • IMG_1649
  • IMG_1656
  • IMG_1657
  • IMG_1659
  • IMG_1660
  • IMG_1661
  • IMG_1662
  • IMG_1664
  • IMG_1665
  • IMG_1667
  • IMG_1668
  • IMG_1670
  • IMG_1671
  • IMG_1673
  • IMG_1669Not one os us, but the humans had a good laugh!

First (wet) Hyde Park Doodle Meet of the year!

We have arrived at our first Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2016!IMG_1583 Read more…