Dashing into the new Decade!

WOW! We had a fab first meet of 2020!

There was happiness everywhere!

Django – Photo by Maria

There were doodles from BIG …

Photo by Maria
Bernie – our first Bernedoodle!

Lots of medium sized doodles

Stormy, er, excuse me, I was just passing by in my red Equafleece.
Now is this Barnaby or Coco?
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria

To the smallest

Sydney, a MIki – photo by Maria

See how small she is next to Shadow

Sometimes we thought we saw doubles! But we had two sets of brothers and sisters!

Mac and Maisie
Coco and Barnaby

Lots of happy dashing doodles!

Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria

Stick carrying doodles!

Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria
Photo by Maria

Oh so many of us!

And of course there were the greedy doodles!

During the whole meet, I had my mouth opened waiting for treats.

Mabel thinks so too!

This is why I LOVE these doodle meets –

there are treats EVERYWHERE!

I went from one to the other treat station.

It’s me again!

Kingston looking on for treats too – just not open mouthed like me.

And it looked like George had a blast of a day!

Photo by Maria

And the obligatory group photo!

May’s comment: And we’re off to a good start in this new decade. More than 38 doodles came to play! Big and small, all colours! There were so many of us!

We managed to get some amazing action shot photos this time – thanks to Maria.

The next meet will be on the 23 February at 11am – behind the Serpentine Gallery. Unfortunately, we won’t be there. I’ll be travelling home, Darcy might be there and George will be running in Dorset country.

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  1. Tracey

    It was a wonderful meet up and such amazing photos! Thank you Maria!

    What a lovely happy blog post. Sydney had the best time and the photos of him are fabulous, thank you for including him in your meet ups ?

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