I’m not ready to go yet.

Mum went to pick up George from Dorset. I went to doggy day care because Mum thought she wanted to give him her full attention.

Well, I think Mum was a little concerned about George. She wasn’t 100% sure if he would remember her. And she was right …

He seemed lost in his world! He didn’t recognise Mum!!!

When they went to lunch, George just sat tied to the table.

And then went to Jane, to make sure she was there for him.

And then when the food arrived … Mum knew exactly how to get him back. She gave him a piece of bacon for her hamburger – and that seemed to have woken him up from his country life trance. Ah, yes! There’s that woman who gives me food.

Welcome back, George! But not completely. Not yet.

He seems to have forgotten how to pose.


But he happily posed with his pals and his Christoph.

But Mum needed to get home to me. And when his pals left, George whimpered.

But Mum wasn’t upset because she knew he had a whole good month away. He’ll never be like me – I am my Mum’s dog and I am hers. George, he adapts really well. And in a funny way, she knew that if something should happen to her, George would be fine. He would adapt really well and he would be happy.

They had a peaceful train ride home .

And as the taxi pulled up by the front gates, he remembered where he was … and was really excited to see me!.

But I was busy protecting my Teddy from George!

May’s comment: As for George’s report card – quite the opposite from Darcy’s.

Very early on, they realised he had to be kept on long lead when they went for walks AND even when in their garden or fields.

He loved running in the countryside and exploring – the smells, the sights intrigued him endlessly. The 10m lead gave them an advantage when chasing him down.

It has also been confirmed that he has extremely good eye-sight.

He spotted three deer in a field below about half a mile away!!!

Again, thank goodness for the long lead and a strong grip or that would have been the end of George!

And it has long been George’s mission in life whenever in Dorset – to find the way to the island in the middle of the pond – where the ducks are nesting.

We didn’t think he would dare jump into the water because in our trips to the beach, he had never ever got close to the water. But he had enough time to gather courage and his curiosity pushed him to one day finally jump into the pond. And thanks to the long lead, as quickly as he got in, Christoph yanked him out! He never made it to the island … but now we know that George can swim – that means more troubles ahead!

What can I say? He had the best time! Thank you Jane, Christoph, Hebe and Blaze for making George feel so at home. And I know where he will be happy …

We had lunch at the lovely Pythouse Kitchen Garden in Wiltshire.



    He’s so at home there…

  2. Alison Wood

    So good to know that they are happy when you are away. It was great to see they were excited to see each other

  3. Cheryl

    All are home, all is good!

  4. Sian

    They look so happy to be reunited!!!

  5. Liz Burman

    Lovely to see you all together again. It is good to know George is so adaptable, I suppose he had to be when he was on the streets in Hungary.

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