Flirting with Minnie

We go to Juice Baby every morning for Mummy’s “breakfast” – 

Sometimes we’re two, sometimes three (with the third dog that stays over) and then we meet lots of dogs there every day.Most of the time we just check out each other, seldom do we bark – except for George!But yesterday morning, it was just Mummy and George. He had refused to go with the dog walker.  He had decided he wanted Mummy time. So along he went with Mummy as she carried on with her busy day. But first, it was a Creamy Cacao at Juice Baby.

George was sitting on Mummy’s lap when a cutie pie came in – George was immediately curious.They started playing.  Chuckling and delighted, Mummy looked up at the owner to ask if the cutie was a Maltese – was when she noticed he was a rather well-known former Chelsea footballer. One that she fancied. LOL! A Havanese,” he replied.  “Oh, what’s his name?” Mummy asked. “She’s called Minnie.”

So it was all very convenient that George broke the ice.“Famous footballer” and his wife looked on amused at the two crazies – playing happily, and quite charmed by Georgie’s party tricks.

Good ol’ George.

At this point, George turned to Mummy and said, “See, I can be useful sometimes.”

May’s comment: As we know, dogs help to break the ice and make a connection. If not for George, me, the Londoner, would have just pretended to not have noticed Frank Lampard and his wife, Christine standing in front of me ordering smoothies. Instead, we were together amused at the dogs playing.

Have seen them a couple of times in the neighbourhood. Well, now I know them as Minnie’s parents! And they might remember George. LOL! #dogsconnect

Note the discreet, desperately restrained photos … 🙂 No selfies with George!!!! LOL! He is my all-time favourite Chelsea player.


  1. Julie James

    He is my all-time favourite Chelsea player too! Well done George! 😜

  2. Julie Entwistle

    Aww how cute. You can tell Christine’s laugh. It’s infectious. Lovely couple x

  3. Laura Cordovano

    George has good taste!

  4. Cheryl

    Oh George, you are such a flirt and a ladies man!

  5. Lucy Cronin

    George is such a love!!!! ❤️🐾❤️

  6. Davila Lawrence

    Glad you enjoined your play with Minnie. Hope to see you and Darcy later

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