Thank you, Gus

Many years ago when Mummy was a “Corporate Chick” who had no time for anything else, a little guy named Gus knew there was more to Mummy than just what she was deemed to be.

When Mummy finally had enough and spread her wings to fly from the constraints of the big Corporate World, Laura, a colleague and friend had arranged for a farewell dinner at her beautiful house. Laura was nervous how Mummy would take to her three dogs as she was not a dog person.  Laura thought to lock them all up in her bedroom but thought – no, she will just have to deal with them.  And to her utter dismay, Gus didn’t leave Mummy’s side.  Laura was mortified, but Mummy didn’t even notice Gus was by her feet.  It was not like he wanted to be fussed over – he was far too macho for that. In hindsight, Gus knew there was more to that person behind that corporate front.

A couple of years after that, I entered Mummy’s life – and things were never the same again. Mummy noticed every dog wherever she went. She even went to visit friends with dogs – from Miami to Chicago, and other parts of the world – so she could spend time with the dogs!

Several years later, when she re-visited L.A. in May 2016, Laura offered her to stay at her house, and Mummy was absolutely delighted.  She wanted to finally “meet” Gus properly and his sister and brother, Emma and Jasper. Neither I, nor George got to visit, though Mummy still keeps promising that we will go to L.A. one of these days. Instead, she brought Impostor. For those who have not met Impostor – he’s a 2-D life-size version of me!

Mummy wanted another chance to thank Gus for believing in her.Gus was already an old man then at 15 years old and he was definitely the head of the clan!  He was Laura’s protector. She always felt safe with Gus. She knew he would “kill” anyone who should harm her!

A few months ago last year, Gus became ill. He had cancer of the lymph nodes and was undergoing chemotherapy.  He had never been ill a day in his life, so when he was diagnosed, Laura and Julia were shocked.  They knew it was going to be a difficult battle for him as he was getting on in years but they kept believing. But the chemo did not shrink the tumours, and the cancer had gone into the bone marrow.  From the Alpha dog, he became a helpless baby that did not want to leave Laura’s side.

Last week, on the 16th Jan, Gus gave up his fight …Gus is at the Rainbow Bridge now – chasing everything to his heart’s content – where there is no pain and no suffering. Laura’s heart is broken and feeling the unbelievable pain.  She had in him, a friend that was always there for her – for many years. He was Laura’s constant companion – he lived in eight different homes from New York, to Los Angeles, to Miami and back to L.A. He was her “rock.”  He was loving and intense, but he also made Laura laugh.  She still does when she remembered the day when he got loose and decided to run out of the lobby and made a beeline down Park Avenue with six doormen running after him!  Or when at the beach, he went over to a body-builder (you know, that’s L.A.), lifted his leg on the guy – twice!!! Oh, Gus, you were funny!

We have never met, but I thank you, and George too for being so wise – in knowing that inside that hardcore Corporate Chick, there was our “real Mummy”.  You sensed it though so many of her friends and even her own sister thought she was crazy to ever own a dog. She was too footloose and fancy-free, they said. She is still somewhat footloose – but she makes us footloose too!

RIP Gus! You were a wise old one! 

May’s comment: I grew up watching Lassie and loved Timmy on Famous Five. Like a lot of children, I fantasized having a dog but in reality I was afraid of them.  Growing up in Malaysia, we were told to be afraid of dogs.  They were dirty and they bite.  And then I grew up and left the country to faraway lands. I got caught up in the strife to succeed and stayed focused. I never connected with dogs – they never featured in my world. I wouldn’t want to have to move a dog , when I moved countries every few years.  They were invisible to me and found it disturbing to find dogs in restaurants when dining in France. And when a colleague’s dog passed, I thought it was rather inconvenient that she didn’t come to work, and when she did, she was bawling her eyes out. If it was today, I would have cried with her, told her to take the week off, and sent flowers.

Along came little Gus. I’ve never had a dog who “liked” me to come and say hello. But he sat by me the whole time at Laura’s house. Of course, I didn’t notice him. I vaguely remembered Laura saying – how sweet that Gus was by my side – when she was actually quite nervous about the whole situation. When Darcy entered my life and started to write incessantly about her – Laura was the one who reminded me of Gus.

Gus knew,” Laura said, “he pegged you as a dog lover before you ever got near it.”

Gus, I feel privileged that our paths crossed and I thank you for believing in me. Not any of my friends believed I could fall in love with a dog.  I hope you’re looking down at us – with a wink, saying, “I knew.”


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    RIP little Gus! Dogs are so wise. They can sense in us what we can’t always.

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    RIP Gus.😥 Run free little one. Dogs are never wrong, they always know the character of a person.

  3. Gill Bolt

    RIP and run free brave Gus I have had cancer of the lymph nodes too so I know what you have been through – I am thinking of your poor mummy and how sad she will be but she will treasure her wonderful memories of you – I also now have two gorgeous dogs one which we rescued and are so privileged to have in our lives – I had also been reluctant to have a dog because of my job but have left it now as I had to travel a lot too xx

  4. Linda

    💔 RIP Gus 🐾🐾🌈

  5. Linda Knight

    RIP Gus. 😘 Your loved crossed continents and will reach back from the Rainbow Bridge

  6. Sarah Jones

    RIP Gus, dogs have wonderful souls & just have so much love to give in a short time, that lasts our lifetime. 😢

  7. Cheryl and Susie

    Our dogs have a sensitivity and knowing that is beyond us, dogs will always seek us out, RIP Gus you were truly loved by all who knew you x

  8. Alison Mullett

    RIP Gus. Run free over Rainbow 🌈 bridge. You’ve clearly left huge paw prints on many hearts x

  9. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    I didn’t even know this little chap, yet as I read this, tears started rolling down my cheeks…. their instinct is second to none and their love total. Can’t wait to get home and see Lola’s little face smiling at me and reminding me of what matters in this world. RIP little Gus. 🌈🐾💖

  10. Cheryl

    Sweet, wise Gus, run and play over the Rainbow Bridge!

  11. Margaret Danks

    RIP little Gus. Every time I hear of a beloved dog passing, my heart breaks just a little bit more because I know that day will one day come gor me but perish the thought 🐾❤️💔❤️

  12. Debbie Masters

    Rest In Peace precious Gus. My Lexi crossed over the rainbow bridge May 26th. When you see her, please go run with her…..she loved to run too. 🌈💔🐶

  13. Laura Cordovano

    Oh May I am beyond touched and crying reading your beautiful tribute to Gus. A friend told me that if I really listened he would make himself known to me. He has not left my side since he crossed over. I see him everywhere. Last night I had a dream. Gus was with me and I was going to an important meeting. I turned to him and said I’m sorry you can’t come with me. They don’t allow dogs here. And he said yes I can. I am with you but no one can see me now so I can go with you everywhere. Isn’t that great? Yes Gus you are great and you are still with me and you always will be. I can see you. Xoxo

    • Miss Darcy

      I still shed a tear every time I remember … thank you, Gus, you wise ol’ one and you continue to take care of your mummy from wherever you are! x

  14. Cecilia Lin

    RIP Gus, I know perfectly the pain and heartache your mommy feels loosing you, I remember the void I felt 3 months ago loosing my sweet Molly, and there is not a single day that I did not think of her!

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