We found more Paddys!

On our trail again!

We have been tipped that there were two more Bears near Paddington station but we found FIVE more!!!  That takes us up to 24 Paddingtons. 

Can you tell George is really excited about this? He was looking out the window trying to spot them – whilst standing on top of me!IMG_0172_2

The first one we saw was Futuristic Robot Bear by Jonathan Ross at The Merchant Square. George was totally distracted by the swans in the canals. But I did my job posing.
IMG_0150 Further along we came across Brick Bear by Robin Partington & Partners at Canal Towpath.  I like this photo – you can see Mummy’s shadow taking a photo of us. IMG_0157_2What’s George looking at?IMG_0158 This is Bearing Up by Taylor Wimpey at St. Mary’s Footbridge – and George is getting the hang of it.IMG_0155_2Next! Texting Paddington by Westminster Academy at Sheldon Square – George had looked left, look right and left again!
IMG_0168And the final one in that area is the Mayor of Paddington by Costain Skanska and The Paddington Partnership at Canalside Plaza – George – well done!  Even though you’re not quite looking at the camera, you were at least sitting still.IMG_0163That was a good day of bear trails. We still have 26 more to go. How exhausting – all this posing for cameras. Nice to sit back and time and look at the world.IMG_0147

May’s comment:  I’ve never been to this part of London – really good to discover new places through this process.


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