The Phantom Paddington Bear

We were approaching our 25th Paddington Bear – hooray!  We were about to make the 50% mark – but alas! There was no bear to be found at Berkeley Square.

Baffled, we thought we better ask Rolls Royce since it was their bear that was missing on the not-so-large square. We couldn’t have missed it!

When we spoke to their customer service desk, they told us that someone had stolen the Rolls Royce Paddington Bear‘s goggles!  It was taken away yesterday morning to be repaired before the auction on Wednesday evening. What a bummer!

Oh well, so we thought we’d take a photo with the Phantom instead. IMG_0180_2Oh George, stop showing off your new trick. IMG_0179He now knows how to give a left paw, a right paw and he can do “please”.

Oh, so disappointed we never found our 25th Paddington.  This is what he would have looked like.
paddington14-6c71bbd9f0cb12312ae5ee19e57cfc19So we’ve managed to find 24 out of the 50 bears. We don’t know if they are still around any more.

May’s comment:  Missed it by a day. Not sure if there are any more Paddingtons to be found as they are supposedly being auctioned off on Wednesday evening.

The lead charity partner of The Paddington Trail is the NSPCC who will be auctioning off the bears with Christie’s, both online and in a live auction in December, with all the proceeds going to the charity. It is hoped that The Paddington Trail and associated activities will raise more than £500,000 for the NSPCC and its ChildLine service.”

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  1. Laura cordovano

    Are you going to bid on one? Xo

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