Well, who would have known …

May’s comment: Miss Darcy, did you know that four years ago today, I was fussing over the next day’s events.

Four years ago tomorrow, you were coming to stay … Gulp!I was to be receiving my first dog into my home, my life.  Was I doing the right thing? This, I had not realised was a huge commitment.  It was to be the last day of my footloose and fancy free lifestyle – I realised after she arrived.

I had recruited a trainer even before Darcy arrived to help me with her puppy ways – better to be tough and get things done right because I know myself.  Being OCD, one too many little accident will not be a good start to our relationship.

Where did one begin?  I did not know there were dog forums especially breed specific ones! I had no idea there were Facebook pages to seek counsel or at least I was not even aware you can do so.  But then I did not even remember the name of the breed – kept saying she’s a poodle cocker! 🙂

I had to ask the dog trainer what food I should buy. Oh, and I should get a couple of toys? Like what? A ball?

But I deliberated at length over dog bowls and beds – how big should the bed be and if they would disturb the decor! 🙂  Those baby gates was a sacrifice of aesthetics.  The collar, what colour would fit an apricot dog? Oh! So many decisions.

The rules?  What should they be?  Of course not on the bed! She has her own. Not on the sofa? Why? Really? But that’s one of the reasons I wanted her – to snuggle with.

The easiest part was the name – Ahhhh, yes! Darcy, not a Mister but a Miss. At that time that was what I thought I needed.

Friends doubted my sanity. And some (ex-) friends had a bet that it would never last. Well, I guess they didn’t realise I had a big hole in my heart that needed to be filled and Darcy walked right into the space – where no “other” could fill.  And that heart, I found, is expandable!!!

I wrote the following post two years ago on the anniversary of our meeting.  Tomorrow marks four years of being together – who would have known how I would have changed even two years after already having surprised myself.

Who would have known ….

That I would wake up in the morning with a dog in my bed

That I would lay a towel out for her every night on my pristine white sheets 

That I would beckon her to come and sit next to me on my sofa

Or love those kisses she gives me morning, noon or night?DSC_5181Who would have thought …

That I would meet people I do not have much in common

That we have become friends because of our pooches

That I would be organising dog meets on weekends

Or talk about the condition of their excretions?DSC_5151Who would have thought …

That I could become so enamoured by a four-legged hairy faced mammal

That I would interrupt the carefully thought out home decor with brightly coloured toys

That I would find dog apparel so cute and in constant pursuit of the perfect collar

Or scatter towels, blankets in every room for her comfort?DSC_5200Who would have thought …

That I would find a friend so loyal and always happy to see me

That I would run out from the movies even before the credits come on to placate my separation anxiety

That I would think about her everyday I am away, counting the days when I will return

Or wonder if I should get her a baby sister? (NO!!!! says my friends)DSC_5119As much as I would love to hear Darcy tell me …

That she loves me as much as I love her

That she will be my best friend forever

That her excessive tail wagging is specially just for me

She already has, in her own language of loveDSC_5111And the best thing …

She helped me realise that I can love more than I thought I am capable of!

It wasn’t an easy start, it wasn’t a love bond from the beginning

I had many moments of doubts and selfish thoughts

But I have since cannot imagine life without my furry friend.

A “Darcy” has definitely entered my lifeDSC_4953-EditLove you, Miss D for giving me reasons to get out of bed in the morning, and making me see the world differently.

And for giving me something to write about every day. 🙂

Many collars later, because she has a bad habit of chewing her lead and thus a good excuse to change the collar, we’re now on red!  And those dog bowls have long gone – decided a pretty bowl good enough for humans is more in keeping with everything else.

The towel on my bed is no longer required.  And on her bed sits many lookalike stuffed animals.  She never sleeps on it – maybe because there’s no space! LOL!IMG_3694-580x435And I love you for helping me to open my heart for little George.  I NEVER thought I could have two dogs – in my bed!!!IMG_5111I’m still changing, evolving.

I am a better and happier person for it though some would say I maybe a little too dog-centric.  To each their own.

P.s. Maybe, just maybe someday the bed will look like this! 🙂IMG_4395

Darcy’s comment: And four years ago today I had no idea that I would be leaving my cocker spaniel mother and my two brothers Milo and Billy.  I left the fold before they did.

Thankfully Milo found me and we have reunited. Wonder how Billy is doing.

Wherever you are Billy, we hope you are having special snuggles with your humans.


  1. Tory Johnston

    Happy Anniversary Miss Darcy from Monsieur Tati in France and his Mum who is also dog-centric…. And even the pussies want to say “Salut Mademoiselle”. And may you long continue to be the sunshine in May’s life, even on rainy days !

  2. Margaret Danks

    Such lovely words as always May. They sneak into your heart, your home, your life and fill it with such love and joy.
    Your little family may one day grow, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

  3. Gill Cowie

    Beautiful – and yes – they fill up spaces in your life, in your heart – but they also make it so there is room for more – and room to grow xx

  4. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Congratulations miss D on making your lovely human unable to resist your charms . It’s my 3rd birthday tomorrow and there were times I thought my humans would give up on me as I was a very naughty puppy. ..but we straightened stuff out and and now we’re a good fit. Have a lovely sunny weekend. Love Gracie x

  5. The Carrs

    That was lovely x

  6. Corrine

    That was sooo lovely to read!!! Looking forward to meeting this summer at one of the meets 🙂 happy anniversary ladies xx

  7. Karen Walker

    lovely story, lovely words. They make your heart burst with love and happiness and like you, Rumer has taught me so much in being a better human! X

  8. Alison Mullett

    Happy anniversary, from one dog centric lady to another!

  9. Abi

    Brought actual tears to my eyes because I can relate to every word you have written. Beautiful. Happy Anniversary x

  10. Cecilia

    Happy Anniversary from Molly and myself, I can relate totally as if I’m reading my own experiences with her! So heartwarming writings and beautiful pictures, may you have all the happiness in the world! Again Happy Anniversary Miss D, with many many more!!

  11. Jo read

    Lovely words May for your lovely Miss Darcey, I always say without my dogs I’m simply not me, they mean the world to me. xx

  12. James

    Wonderful read & such heart warming words, Happy anniversary love James & Kelly + Rocky/Buffy xx

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