Ducks, rabbits, sheep and rain – we must be in the Highlands

It was drizzling this morning when we went for our morning walk but it’s raining now as we get ready to leave for Skye. This is more like the weather Mummy was expecting and she’s quite relieved because she brought clothes for this weather – and yesterday she wondered if she needed to go shopping!

On the lawn were some ducks, supposedly taking shelter from the rain. I thought I’d go play with them – so I chased both ducks and ducklings.  The old ducks got mad at me and so did Mummy. I wasn’t going to attack them, I just thought it’s fun to chase!

IMG_2006Where did they go?

IMG_2007See – they’re ok! It was just fun and games.

Then I saw a rabbit for the first time .  I stalked but it saw me and ran away – and I gave chase!!!  Ha! Ha! I ran into the bushes after it and then I heard Mummy hollering at me.  Oops!

I was all wet from the bushes so back to the hotel … and as I was running up the stairs, there was this young man wasn’t quite right – I sensed fear. So I barked at him but there was a glass door between me and him. Again, I got dragged by Mummy to our room.  Nothing I’m doing today is right.

I also jumped at a woman who came into OUR dining room. I didn’t jump at the waiters nor anyone serving us but this woman had no business coming into our territory.  Mummy scolded me – again.

Mummy told me sternly that if Culloden House stop allowing dogs to stay it will be all because of me. 🙁

IMG_2018Being seen out of Culloden House? No, not quite. This is Kyle who’s been particularly kind to me.  He was sorry to see me go and told Mummy that  she can choose to leave me behind.

May’s comment: Generally a good dog, today Darcy was just doing everything she shouldn’t!!!  She was territorial and barked at the woman coming into the bar lounge where we eat. She chased ducks and rabbits.  The worst thing was she barked at an autistic boy – she must have sensed fear in him because the day before, she ran after him – much to my horror.  Oh well, if Culloden House does not allow dogs any more – it will be our fault. Goodbye Culloden House.

And oh yes, it’s finally raining! On our way to Skye.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Love your adventures!

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