Cul Lodair (that’s Culloden in Scottish)

After we finally found a taxi to take us, we arrived at Culloden House – a beautiful Georgian house in the Scottish Highlands. What a pretty sight!

It was quite warm – believe it or not. The valet quickly brought me a bowl of water with ice in it.  Much appreciated.


Then we went out to walk the grounds – lots of photo opps!





As it is a beautiful day, Mummy wanted to check out a few things but found out that besides a dog walk at a nearby castle, the only place where we can go to is Drummosie Moor (Culloden Moor), the site of the Culloden Battlefiled.  But even then when we got there, we couldn’t go inside the visitor centre. So we walked the battlefield.

It is a vast open field where back in 1746, the Battle of Culloden took place.

IMG_1938 IMG_1943

This was the last pitched battle fought on British soil.  Mummy told me that it was Charles Edward Stuart a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Charlie who with the help of the Scottish Highland clans tried to regain the British throne for the House of Stuart.  He was sneaky. He did it when the British army were on the continent fighting the War of the Austrian Succession. But the British soldiers returned and fought back. They were pushed back and pushed back till they got to Inverness where the last battle was fought.  Well, they lost the battle and thousands of the Scottish clans died. Charlie then fled to the Scottish Highlands and eventually went to France.

It must have been mayhem then but today, there wasn’t a lot to see – some markings and some tomb stones of the fallen clans.  I stayed on the path as we had to be respectful of the many who died there.


IMG_4037 IMG_4036

There was another pooch there – appropriately, a Scottish terrier!!!  I know one in London called McDougall.


But there’s another strange animal – the Highland cow. They have long horns and long wavy coats. We could see a couple of them in the nearby fields but I preferred the stuffed version – they are less scary and cute!  If without the long horns, they remind me of a few cockapoo friends of that colour!


After a long, hot walk, we took a taxi back to the hotel for afternoon tea … and I managed to steal a whole chicken sandwich from the platter!  Yummy! I was too quick for Mummy!!! 🙂

IMG_1965Got myself a sandwich!

May’s comment: Missing a castle visit because of Darcy but otherwise not much to do in Inverness but this is a lovely place to get away to.  Culloden House is lovely and the staff very accommodating. Darcy gets lots of fuss and we’re free to roam – all except the restaurant and lounge where they serve tea but we were able to eat in the bar.

This is another aspect of Scotland …

IMG_1969 IMG_2019

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