Heading towards home – but not quite yet

Alas it is time to say goodbye to Marley and Yaena.  The car arrived right on time to take us to Cannes train station. As it turned out, the French driver lives in London most of the year and he was just back working in St. Tropez for the summer.  We spoke about football and of course about the French team. He thought the English Team was very good. Tick. Nice guy.

He loves London. So much more cosmopolitan, he said. People are quick, not like the French, he says. LOL! Tick. The wide range of cuisine – not just French the whole time! LOL! True.

Inevitably he asked Mummy what she thought of Brexit – and his opinion – it will be good for England in the longer term, he suggested. Ooh! That’s interesting.  Most probably deep down, that is the view of Brussels – hmmm. Is that why they are making it difficult for us because when the UK succeed in years to come, it might just start to unravel things …

To avoid the heavy August traffic, our driver took the side roads and got us to Cannes train station with 15 minutes to spare. He said goodbye to us and mentioned that Mummy should be careful about leaving her MacBook in the pocket of her roller bag. She took heed and took it out of the pocket and had it in her handbag instead.  All going well. Now to relax

We’re now on our way to Normandy for a rendezvous with Clemmie – one of our blog readers. We first needed to get to Paris and then take a taxi from Gare de Lyon to Gar St. Lazare – with an hour to spare. Mummy had ordered a G7 taxi ahead of time to pick us up from the station as we not only had an hour to cross town at rush hour, but our previous experiences with Parisian taxis have never been good when with a dog.

About half an hour into the train journey to Paris, the train had stopped at a station, and new passengers were coming on board. Mummy caught sight of a chihuahua in the arms of one of them. Just a few seconds later, one of the passengers in our carriage started screaming and the woman’s mother who had been moving their bags to the back of the coach joined in the screaming! Mummy’s instant thought was – is the Chihuahua OK? Did it get run over by someone’s bag. They were both Chinese tourists with the loudest and most high-pitched shrill screams.  In between screams, the younger Chinese tourist shouted in broken English accused the two men who were “helping” them move their luggage of pick-pocketing. The rest of the passengers, including Mummy were shocked at the sudden commotion and thought the hysterics were just too uncomfortable.  Some passengers tried telling them to stop shrieking.

I snoozed on, didn’t bother me one bit.One of the two men accused took leave of the train, leaving his hand luggage behind, but the other was trapped behind the two screaming women. He kept telling them he did nothing. But the two Chinese ladies held onto the bags belonging to the men and wouldn’t let them  go.  Two passengers sitting behind the women had noticed that something unusual had indeed happen and intervened, telling the man he was not allowed to leave.  The train conductor rushed to the scene and the police was called. This went on and on and all Mummy could think of – we are going to miss our connection!!!

Long story short, the police arrested the remaining man – who did not have a reserved seat, nor a ticket, and did not speak French. They took him away for questioning and the two Chinese tourists got off as well with their four huge pieces of luggage and several hand luggage.

This was one of the “heroes” who helped out the women in distress.Eventually when all concerned disembarked, the train left the station promptly and we whizzed through the country side, all a bit shaken.

We arrived in Paris – 20 minutes late, which left us only 40 minutes to cross town.  We disembarked as quickly as we could and ran to find our driver.  Happy to see our G7 taxi driver still waiting for us. Actually G7 taxis had informed us ahead of time by text that we would be delayed.  They had estimated a 25 minute car ride to Gare St. Lazare. He whisked us away to his waiting taxi and maneuvered his way through and around the traffic, arriving at the next station at 16.35 – eight minutes to spare.  No stopping – no time to even pee. And as you might have noticed, hardly any photos in this blog because we were in a rush the whole time. Thankfully Gare St Lazare was a smallish station.  We ran into the station and found the platform immediately. Found our coach and our seat – we’re on our way to Normandy – in search of another beach on the northern coast of France!!!!!  The things Mummy would do for me. Love her!

But we were also there to meet a puppy – maybe Mummy wasn’t doing this for me after all.

Maybe there weren’t too many photos of our journey but there’s this one … he didn’t notice me during the whole journey but as he walked past when we were disembarking, he let out the gruffiest angry bark at me! Scary!  He got told off! Ha!

Life’s journeys are always full of surprises – this one was more of a screeching halt! Maybe that’s why Mummy takes me on holidays with her – to protect her!

May’s comment: At first everyone thought the two women were unnecessarily in hysterics but as it turned out, the two men were indeed trying to commit a crime.  I saw the two men sitting a few seats in front of me, and they passed me as I went to the toilet and they were waiting for their turn.  Couldn’t help but thought they could have targeted me instead – my wide open  basket where I had put my laptop. Maybe they saw Darcy and went for the obvious tourists instead.

Even after that spectacle of event, we managed to get to Honfleur for the evening as planned to meet a friend and her cockapoo!!!! And another beach – one that I have been wanting to check out. Honfleur has long been on my list of places to see.

Get the G7 App if you ever need to take taxis in Paris or other parts of France. They’re the most professional, nice cars, good drivers.  Saved my day. I would never have been able to catch a taxi and get tot he next station on time.




  1. Margaret Danks

    What an adventure… and you got to meet baby Clemmie too!

  2. Cheryl Adams

    Wow, that was quite the adventure! I’m so glad you arrived safely and on time!

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