One more day in Paradise

There are always a few things one must do when travelling abroad with dog – one is to visit the local Vet before our return.The Vet was super impressed when I jumped on the examination table all on my own. Such agility! 🙂

When this happens, I know we will be starting our journey home soon.

The other is to find some doggy retail – and we found Pet Fashion in St. Tropez.Meet the owners – Leiaand Lilou. They sure let you know who they are when you enter!

We wanted to see if there was anything for George but alas not. It is more of a shop for Chihuahuas –I don’t think George needs any pressies – he just wants Mummy’s cuddles – which he will soon have.

Oh yes, let’s not forget Mummy needed something too –One last walk through town. We went into the local supermarket near where Marley lives. It is not that all French supermarkets allow dogs but almost all places in St. Tropez are very relaxed.

Almost, we said. But not that souvenir shop and then not this local bakery where Mummy went to buy croissant Yaena took Mummy to this fab interior shop called Taman Antikand they had a hey day in there. I took to the floor as it was cool to lie on.

And then it was one last supper at Villa Marie. One last view of the beautiful sea in which I swam every day and the beach that I rolled on. Ahhh, St. Tropez, I will have many fond memories of you. I shall long remember this holiday when Mummy chilled and delighted in my running into the water and rolling in the sand.And Yaena gave me lots of belly rubs and cuddles, and she fed me while Mummy was always busy doing something nearing meal times.

Marley and I, we enjoyed spending time together – whether it was us running into the garden for reliefOr off to the beachEvery morning when he comes downstairs, he runs to greet me and Mummy, and I run over to greet him and Yaena. We went everywhere together – whether travelling in the Moke or in the super hi-tech Tesla!

On one of the days, Yaena was trying to find a charging point in town for the eco-friendly, electric Tesla. We had only 8km left and the car wasn’t charging!  We found a spot and as she pursued to plug it in, the skies darkened with stormy clouds. It wasn’t happening and Yaena had come into the car when the Heavens opened. Lighting lit the skies and rain pelted down hard on the car as we all sat sheltered inside. Yaena called Tesla’s customer service and we were advised on where to go for a Tesla charger – keeping in mind we only had 8km. This was turning out to be quite an adventure. The skies had cleared a little by then and the rain wasn’t coming down as hard.  While all this was going on, Mummy was thinking – we are sitting in an electric car that is plugged into a charger in the middle of a thunderstorm – while lighting flashed all around us.  What are the chances of us being fried?   LOL! As those thoughts went through her mind, she kept it to herself until we were all safely at Hotel Sezz where we whiled away time as the car was charging.  That was an eco-friendly car experience!

But we enjoyed riding in the Tesla – the doors opened for us and Marley and we had our own seats in the back.

Mummy refused to let me sit on her especially after a beach run. I learnt after a few car rides that Marley and I were meant to get into the back.

But if we were on the Moke, she has to have me on her lap as there were no doors –and they were afraid I would jump out of the car! Unlikely, but apparently, I could not to be trusted.  It’s me. I’m not George!  He would have done a runner – out of fear. Now this is another reason not to have brought George along.

There was enough to do everyday but we also took much pleasure sitting at home and in the garden By the pool …Sometimes Marley likes chilling in the sun.While I preferred the beach, Mummy likes the pool. Every day was a fab day.

For now I’ll say good night till tomorrow’s adventure.May’s comment: All good things must come to an end, I suppose.  We had a lovely few days spent with friends – and ate so well and drank too much rose. We had the experience of an unusual summer thunderstorm which cleared the air and a reprieve from the heat.

We are grateful to experience St. Tropez from a home and not a hotel. Thank you Yaena and Marley for sharing your lovely home with us. You are the hostess with the mostest.

Fab vet in St Tropez if you ever need one. – Clinique Veterinaire des Plages – 138 route des Plages, 83990 Saint Tropez.




  1. Margaret Danks

    What a beautiful home your friend has. Looks like you have have had a wonderful time.

  2. Rusty


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