Must you go?

Mum and Darcy are going away on Thursday … I know it because I overheard Mum telling the Vet.

The Vet wanted to see that my wound was healing – because I have been licking it even with cone and Equafleece on … until Mum got a nasty bottle of stuff of bitter apple spray.

I needed to take five more days of Metacam.

Darcy was in for her annual check-up as well as for her fit-to-fly …

My sis, she’s so calm – watching the Vet prepare her injections.

She has no fear because the Vet is standing really close to the tin of treats! LOL!

I was feeling her pain – but she’s a stoic creature, my sis.

As we left the Vet, we stopped for a moment outside to say our goodbyes to Mr. Keith Butt. He’s over at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge now – saying hello to the thousand of doggies and other animals that he had taken care of the last 50+ years.

And sadly, we won’t be around on Thursday for his funeral.

Because Mum always feels bad for leaving me behind that she always takes the time to spend time with me – just she and I. I got to spent the rest of the day together while Darcy went off with the dog-walker.

We walked past a small Chinese cafe near South Kensington tube station – and she decided to have their wonton noodle soup.

We’re not sure about their dog policy because they thought I was a hooman kid in a pram! So we got to sit down.

Mum wasn’t so impressed by the food – so it’s ok if we don’t go back there again.

I went along with her to a meeting. Good ol’ buggy has become such a god-sent. If not for it I am not sure I will get to go very far with her and Darcy – and even allowing her to stop into shops to browse while I sat in the buggy. I think she might be getting used to this.

Along the way we went into the Medici Gallery store and Mum thought these bunny ears would be good for an Easter photo.

After the meeting Mum decided to try the bus – our first time with me in a buggy.

Thankfully the bus was empty and we parked the buggy where it said “baby buggies!”
Wonder if there were two buggies on the bus with hooman babies if we would be allowed to get on.

So Mum, do you really have to go away again in May?

May’s comment: Couldn’t resist the headline. LOL!

The plan was for us three to spend the Easter weekend in the south of France – visiting some of our doodle friends in Monaco before heading off to St. Paul de Venice for my birthday weekend at one of my fave places, La Colombe d’Or – to create our own memories. But alas with George’s condition it was too risky to have him being handled by strangers on our journey down (more later) and the journey back on trains and taxis and cars – it would be a risk in his current condition. So sadly we have to leave him with Sara. And then we are off to the States in May – again leaving him behind in very capable hands.

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