Happy Birthday, Ma’am!

Yesterday was the day of street parties all over the UK – and we had organised our own – doggy-focused street party!

The day started off worryingly … it wasn’t the usual English shower on a summer’s day. Instead it pelted down! Even our going to church didn’t help matters at hand.

But we carried on – believing … and then the rain lessened … and then stopped. IMG_0968And then they came. Doggies big and small, fluffy or otherwise – with their hoomans.  IMG_0966 IMG_0939 IMG_0929 IMG_0922 IMG_0917 IMG_0911 IMG_0907 IMG_0903 IMG_0897 IMG_0884 IMG_0879IMG_0923 IMG_0940 IMG_0877IMG_0894 IMG_0893Most were outside,
IMG_0751 IMG_0741 IMG_0735while some went inside all the dog-friendly restaurants IMG_0788 IMG_0801There were also hoomans without doggies who came to join our party – IMG_0839 IMG_0781totally bemused by the scene of so many of us!

There were lots of different things to eat …IMG_0819(At mazegrill)IMG_0830(At Chelsea Cellar)IMG_0820(At The Henry Root)IMG_0942(At GOAT)IMG_0767And we even won Suksan over! They are now dog-friendly too! (more later)

And drinking stations were also available for humansIMG_0848(At Kosmopol)IMG_0875(At Bacchus)IMG_0934And of course a Pimms Bar!

There was shopping to be done –IMG_0931(At Love Brand & Co.)

Or there were things to buy at Mary’s Living and Giving Shop for Save the Children.IMG_0844And some doggy pampering at The Pet SpaIMG_0754Went to say hello to Stephanie.

Pets Pyjamas were on hand to give out doggy bowls and info about their concierge services for doggy travels. IMG_0919Or one could have their portraits sketched by artist Allison Mullett 
IMG_0809At the Jonathan Cooper Gallery.IMG_0948IMG_0814 IMG_0878All these activities were to help raise donation for Battersea Dog & Cats Home!

The music by Pet Pavilion kept us going even when the rain dampened our spiritsIMG_0851 And last but not least, the local parish were with us all the way.IMG_0725They provided bouncy castle and face painting – the things kids like but not us furry types!

And some of our cockapoo friends whom we haven’t seen for a while, or have never met were also there!IMG_0714(Oggie)IMG_0890(Barnaby)IMG_0792(Sesame)IMG_0920IMG_0937(Me and Penny)

May’s comment: Phew! The day finally came and what we feared happened – it rained! Not just the regular English shower but pelting down rain.  Yes, for all of us participants, we were concerned – but no one let on about how they felt. English stoicism took over and everyone got on with setting up gazebos for shelter. And we took comfort in knowing we were not the only ones being rained upon. There were 10,000 people on The Mall having picnic lunches.  Eventually the rain did let up and the sun even came out.  What would a street party be without rain! After all we are in England!

But looking back at the day’s events, so proud of all that took place – and as street parties are supposed to do – it brought at least the neighbourhood retail community together, and so many neighbours I see on the streets, took the time to speak.  And there were those who came from beyond the neighbourhood and even outside of London!

I met many other dog crazies like yours truly – all just really pleased that there was an event just for dogs.  IMG_0772Find this photo so funny! LOL!





  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a fab, fun day!

  2. Julie James

    It was lovely to meet you May and to see George and Darcy (even if George wasn’t too keen on Barnaby!) what a great idea and thanks so much for organising!

  3. Cheryl

    What an incredible event! It certainly seems everyone had a marvelous time, even with the rain. You did an amazing job organizing this. I hope you can do it again next year, I so want to attend!

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