George goes to D.C.

After one full day in NYC, Mummy took advantage of the jet lag factor and made plans for us to take a VERY early train to Washington D.C.

Places to go and people to see is the name of the game on this trip. Mummy’s trying to squeeze in everything – and she really wanted me to meet Bella, her god-daughter’s labradoodle. Darcy haven’t met her either – because she didn’t exist when she was last in America.

Amtrak allow pets of a certain size to travel in an enclosed container. So I was back in the Sleepypod! Sigh!

I needed to be in the bag from the moment we entered the station till we were outside Union Station in Washington D.C.It was very cold in Washington D.C. – but there were still photos to be taken.Finally, Liz, all her kids and Bella (Labradoodle) pulled up in their car – we gladly jumped in away from the cold.

But there was a very important item on the day’s agenda.
They took us to taste some yummy doughnuts at District Doughnuts! Well, it was more for Mummy.

And as we already know, we were not allowed in, Bella and I were tied up outside. I wasn’t used to being left outside so I barked and I made Bella bark. But the girls were so thoughtful and they came out to comfort me.

A few doors down from District Doughnut was Howl to the Chief! – a pet store! We saw this in the window – Mummy thought it was hilarious!We went in to check out the store.No, I don’t think she wants a Trump doll in our home. LOL!Hey! Get off my back, Mister!

There were a lot of deliciousness on offer but we didn’t get any. ๐Ÿ™As we drove back to their home, we passed by most of the iconic landmarks of D.C. –The Supreme Court building, Capitol HillAnd I’ve grown a horn on my nose. I’ve become a unicorn!Oh yes, that very White House. What’s going on in there?  You mean that guy who was riding on my back lives in there? Just part of the time?

We were going to do a walkabout around the Lincoln Memorial but it had started to rain and sadly it wasn’t working out for us.Back to their home for lots of Bella time!

And whoa!!! What are these two furry things?They’re called Cherry and Blossom – whichever one, we’re not quite sure. Hey! Cherry, or was it Blossom? She’s taken my territory!

I had lots of cuddles and hugs from Freya and Claudia.We went for walks through the leafy neighbourhood.Thankfully those cats didn’t come along! But there were A LOT of BLACK squirrels! I’ve never seen those before!

May’s comment:  Had to go to visit friends and to see Bella again in D.C.

We had a reservation for a 5.30am train from Penn Station except we needed to show up at the ticket counter to pay for the tickets. This is so we they can check that the pet is properly “enclosed”.

We got to Penn Station at about 4.30am thinking we needed time to queue to buy tickets and for them to assess the situation. But the ticket offices were not open till 5.10am and when it was our turn at the ticket counter, they asked, “Where’s the pet?” There was George securely inside the Sleepypod! No one would even have known he was there.

Thank goodness we did take that early train as later that morning, there a train had slightly derailed and caused damage to a passing train!

No one was hurt, but we would never have made it to D.C. in time for our 24 hour visit!

While in the car, Liz had inquired how much I paid for George to travel on the train. “An additional $25.00 per leg,” I responded in short.  My wonderful and lovely 12-year-old god-daughter, Freya, who was obviously listening to everything, quickly chirped in and said, “So does that mean you paid $100.00 because he has four legs?”  Liz and I laughed so hard while trying to explain that each sector of a journey is also known as a leg. ๐Ÿ™‚

I told Freya her comment will go in the blog! Freya, quick of mind and growing up to be an amazing human being. And she is already taller than me!


  1. Cheryl

    What a marvelous trip! I’m glad George got to see the sights around DC. It is a beautiful city. I can just imagine the look on George’s face when he saw the cats, oh my.
    Tell Freya she wasn’t the only one who thought 4 dog legs, I wondered that for a moment also, then I realized you meant parts of the journey.
    As always, safe travels!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    George looked Like he was on serious squirrel patrol! Hope you are having a great time.

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