The Thinker vs The Intuitive

After 24 hours in D.C. it was time for Philly! Bella went with us to the train station.Bye Bella! You take care of yourself, ok?Back on the train and as regulations go, I had to stay in the bag. It was still a two-hour train ride. Seems like I am seeing the world through the bag.

We stopped over in Philadelphia so I could meet our cousin, Molly!  Molly is a grand old dame of 9 years of age and she was not impressed with my panting. For some reason she liked biting my ears.

We had enough time to have lunch At the appropriately named White Dog Cafe!
With Aunty May-Mei and Uncle Swee-Lim.  It’s “dog-friendly” enough for the time we were eating in the outdoor seating area before the rain came.

After lunch we drove to the Art Museum of Philadelphia.

Yo Adrian, or rather – Yo, Darcy! I did it! I came, I saw and I didn’t run up the steps! Mummy! You are exposing all my bits!And a quick visit to the Rodin museum – and taking a moment with The Thinker. We have such different approaches to living. He thinks looking down while I use my intuition and look forward to live the moment!

Nice to have met you cousin Molly. Darcy had told me so much about you when she met you almost four years ago.May’s comment: Making the most of our trip. DC for 24 hours and stopping over to see my sister, brother-in-law and of course Molly.

The White Dog Cafe was so fun – will write more about it later …

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  1. Cheryl

    Amazing, you pack so much into a trip! I’m tired just reading about it! Your pictures and captions are wonderful! Glad you got to see your sister and brother-in-law and Molly!

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