Getting ready for our next port of entry

We had an appointment to see the vet – not for our re-entry to the U.K. but because we’re going to Helsinki after our partying weekend in Düsseldorf.

I’ve been here a few times before and I am on their records so that’s one benefit.

Quick check


Heart, pulse, stomach – alles gut!

Oh! And the “up the bum” test …

Why so long?

Teeth and eyes – auch gut!
And then that dreaded pill!I didn’t like it so I spat it out four times!

Then came the treats and this Doc gave me a handful!

I didn’t want to leave him!

For being so patient, look what Mummy bought me! Leber wurst!!!Right, so, let’s party on … and then we’ll head for Helsinki!

May’s comment: We’re heading to Helsinki after our weekend in Düsseldorf.  And as we did for entering Norway, pets entering Finland must have the same requirement as entering the UK.

  1. Must be microchipped
  2. Must need proof of a current rabies vaccination that was administered
  3. Must be treated against certain tapeworms one to five days prior to entering the country unless your pet is entering directly from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta or Norway. But we are entering from Holland.

Read more about it on

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