George – you will make a good salami!

After our run in the park with Mr. Spencer, Mummy took George with her to a meeting while I continued to walk with Agnes.

As they walked along Gloucester Road, Mummy thought how lovely it would be if they could sit down for a coffee in one of the many cafes. And then she spotted this new-ish Italian cafe. IMG_3319She peeked in and asked – “Do you allow dogs?”IMG_3318Well, it never hurts to ask – and the Italians – they welcomed them in wholeheartedly as they would.  And when they saw George the guys went all goo-ey eyed – “Ciao! Ciao! Che bellisimo! Come si chiama?”

Mummy answers – “Lui si chiama George (as she pronounces George in her Italian accent!) – come George Clooney!”

IMG_3317Well, I think Brutti & Boni will incentivise Mummy to walk to and from Hyde Park – knowing she can stop on the way for a cup of coffee or even a snack – to replenish. IMG_3311May’s comment:  There are many cafes along the way to Kensington Gardens and usually it’s outside seating – not such a good idea in this weather. So Brutti & Boni at 14 Gloucester Road is a fab place to stop – before to garner some strength and after to replenish one’s energy!

In the summer when Darcy and I went walking – we would always stop for a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake to “reward” myself – somewhat defeats the idea of burning off calories! LOL!

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  1. Maggie

    molto bene Miss May!! Xx tanti bacci a Sealea Blue xxx (scuse spelling …) How I wish that we lived in London, just for the cafés that welcome us pooches!, The Midlands, well Huh!! Nothing doing except Encore in Stratford and Queen and Castle in Kenilworth ….. Same pub chain, upmarket end of whichever chain, and clearly very forward thinking! Which is great. Xx

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