A trek, a run but no lunch

It was a long tube ride to Heathrow Terminal 5.  We weren’t flying off to anywhere – it was just a good meeting place for Emma to pick us up for a walk/run/play with Barney and Nelly – our Windsor friends.IMG_3524By the time we got to Hounslow I jumped off Mummy’s lap and looked at her queryingly – are we there yet?IMG_3531 I’m bored and decided I needed some of Mummy’s attention – so I laid down knowing that she doesn’t like me doing that.IMG_3537After what seemed like eternity, we finally arrived at Terminal Five.

Emma picked us up and drove to Windsor Great Park. But before we were allowed to run on the Polo Fields we all had to don our Equafleeces.

IMG_3577And we were off! We ran for over an hour.
IMG_3545All too soon, we reluctantly left the field as Emma and Mummy needed lunch!  This time we went to The Bailiwick – a dining pub near the entrance of Windsor Great Park.
IMG_3596 Unlike the The Two Brewers, where no children were allowed, we walked into a room full of wailing infants and loud cries of children. We doggies – we sat quietly under the table – well except to check what was being served.IMG_3583I wasn’t the only one. Barney looked on keenlyIMG_3582 And not just Barney – so did Nelly.IMG_3585 IMG_3593 That was me looking at Mummy deploringly but to no avail. She usually gives in to me, but she had decided I needed to lose some weight.IMG_3594Lunch over, a walk back to the car …
IMG_3597And back to Terminal 5 on our long tube ride home.IMG_3604I am always very good on the tube but at one of the stops, I spotted a HUGE German Shepherd and I went ballistic! And Georgie joined me in telling him off. Yes, needless to say, Mummy was appalled and horrified by our barking! I just don’t like them – they scare me.  And I had to tell him off.

We made it home – a bath for Georgie, a wash for me, a shower for Mummy and we settled in for Saturday night in front of the telly. Knackered!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Looks like you all had fun. Maggie is also on a diet because she has gotten a little rotund since going on raw food but that’s because she now eats it all up. Maggie had the biggest, softest, most adorable German Shephard cousin. He ( Angus,, well we are Scottish) was such a frightning looking chap but he was the most placid and laid back dog I have ever met. Maggies cat brothers used to swing off his tail, or snuggle in beside him to sleep. He had to go to Rainbow bridge because he was very old but this is just to say, not all GS’s want to eat you Miss Darcy. X

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