Golden Balls! I mean, Paws …

We found a few more Paddingtons. I knew we were going to a rather high-powered part of London so I wore my trench coat to fit in!IMG_9580 Some of them we could not get close to it. This is the best we could do at when we saw Paddington is Great by Stephen Fry at Downing Street.IMG_9589 Ah, we like this – with the red telephone box in the background.  This is Good News Bear by The Telegraph near Parliament Square.IMG_9601 And just around the corner we found Paddington Jack by Davina McCall outside the Churchill War Rooms.IMG_9597And finally this is the one Mummy really wanted to see. It’s Golden Paws by David Beckham at Canada Gate across from Buckingham Palace.IMG_9618Well, that was Paddington numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18 – for us. We’re not even half way yet. Too many bears, too little time.

May’s comment: Darcy wearing her trench coat from Miss Darcy for Alice Foxx

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Wonderful, Darcy you do Paddington proud! I’m looking forward to more Paddingtons with the one and only Miss Darcy…..
    Gentle strokes and pats to you and please them along to George.

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