Pushing the boundaries

Georgie has been pushing his boundaries lately.

He started being aggressive towards me in some instances but not all.  It was really baffling for me as I did not know that side of him.IMG_9566Georgie’s been with us for 10 weeks now. He started off being quite the charmer, especially with humans and very sociable with dogs. About two weeks ago, his aggressive behaviour became more apparent.

I guess with his growing confidence and his familiarity, he feels he can show his true colours.  Mummy was really shocked one evening when he came after me – albeit an aggressive snap. He intimidated me and I ran to hide under the chair. I didn’t even want to go to Mummy when she called me. And when Mummy was holding me, George came at me again. That’s when Mummy got really mad and put him in the crate.  I knew she was also very worried where George was going with this behaviour.

She called Vanessa, the dog behaviourist to discuss his behaviour and then set up a session to nip his aggression in the bud.

We identified that George wanted all the attention whenever someone comes through the door.  He is especially protective of his territory with Praewa, his godmother. It seems he knows his place when we’re at home but whenever Praewa is around, he thinks he can rule over me.

He gets jealous when Mummy holds me and he would try to get on her lap as well. He’s not aggressive then. He just wants the attention I am getting.

He is very territorial when there’s food involved. I guess that’s understandable given his background.  If I should go anywhere near when there are treats.

So we started off the reprogramming session with George tied to a piece of furniture …IMG_9779– while I get fussed over by Praewa, his godmother whom he is very protective of.

OK, Praewa, you can fuss over me but that doesn’t mean you have to give me a pony tail!IMG_9789George was watching all this interaction. And every time he licked his lips, looked down or wagged his tail – he got a treat.

I was wondering why he was getting all the treats when I was in such close proximity to the treats myself!  Vanessa explained that it was to condition him to think that every time he’s not stressed he get a reward. Except that Praewa was not very good with throwing him the treats. It went everywhere but near him – so Mummy had to keep finding them. 🙂

Well, eventually he got the message and then he was let off. But we were both on leads just in case he reverted back to his aggression.  But he didn’t.IMG_9791 But really, George is fine most of the time – and it is always only when he is trying to guard his resources.

This was us last night sleeping back to back. He just has to learn the ways of our world and not what he thinks is right.IMG_9794May’s comment: It was both disconcerting and worrying to see that side of George. It was particularly bad one evening when he was being over confident and protective of his newly delivered hamper of goodies. When Darcy went to investigate it, he snapped at her. Darcy was petrified and went to hide. She would not even come to me when I called her. When I held Darcy in my arms, George came over and went for Darcy again – he did it three times. By the third time I put him in the crate – and he stood in defiance and did not move for about five minutes. He finally relented and started to cry. We waited till he stopped before he was allowed out. And he never went for Darcy again the rest of the evening.

I knew it was time to get that nipped in the bud immediately.

It happened again once the next day and it was time out for him.

After a session with Vanessa, he seems a different dog all over again. One thing about George – he is a quick learner. IMG_9175I think it’s simply he was pushing his boundaries and also gathering information for himself how he can get all the attention and protect his resources.

We will be fine I am sure.  I felt really bad for Darcy. This is her home and her territory when along came this dinky thing who started telling her off. She was so intimidated by him.  But I think we are on the right path. George is not difficult to deal with – just needed a bit of telling off.




  1. Maggie Danks

    Poor Miss Darcy, Dinky is getting too big for his boots but I am sure mummy will sort everything out and harmony will be restored. X

  2. jane phillps

    could it be that George is struggling with his hormones and not as old as you think he is? Glad you caught this in time though. x

    • Miss Darcy

      You are right Jane, the more I see his ways, I think he cannot be more than 15 months. He has been spayed. He probably was about one when he came to us.

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