No, I didn’t say “go moron!”, its Good Morning in Swedish. 

Solen skiner i Stockholm!  which means – the sun is shining in Stockholm.IMG_4192

We went for our morning walk around Reimerholme the neighbourhood where Catarina lives and glad to say there are many dogs out there!IMG_4177 This is Bertha – she thought Mummy had treats in her pocket! Apparently, she’s not very friendly but it doesn’t seem that way here.IMG_4171 And along came Chapeau!  He’s 16 years old!!!IMG_4186We saw ducks swimming as we crossed the bridge – there’s so much water everywhere.IMG_4188 Look! More dogs – they all seem small but we did see two Springer Spaniels. And yesterday we saw a doodle looking specie but did not stop to ask.IMG_4190Can’t wait to go out and explore the forest area in Langholmen – which is the other island nearby.

May’s comment: This is going to be a quiet day – time for a little rest from all the travelling. Travelling by air with Darcy brings other challenges like carrying her in a bag. She’s not light but manageable. But at least it is not eight different sectors. It was just three but a bit stressful when you get stares from people who do not like dogs.  Cest la vie!  Just chill and enjoy the time O am spending with her. I realise that now I travel with a different purpose. I have been to all these places in more former life but now it gives me great joy to be sharing them with Darcy. 🙂

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  1. Liz

    Enjoy your trip! Stockholm looks nice. Hadn’t realised there was so much water! Hugs to Darcy xx

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