Wonder why Wonderboo?

Mummy is having us try some new food. It’s called Wonderboo. We wondered why.

Ahhh, I see. It’s because Mummy’s taking George to Mallorca next week. And they’re taking a plane first to Germany before flying onto Mallorca.  So that adds to the complication.

In the past when we went abroad, we usually travelled over land and sea. There was no problem bringing raw meat in trains, cars or ferries. Taking raw food in cabin could potentially be a problem.  She did not want to risk it.

Mummy travels light and she prefers not to check in luggage as it takes up too much time waiting for them, especially when she has us, the sooner we can get out for a relief the better.

One of our friends told us about Wonderboo – a premium brand of dog food from Sweden.img_6003

Mummy likes the packaging. img_6055And we like what’s inside!img_6001Mummy thought it best for us to get used to the food before travelling. Not a good idea to suddenly switch our food especially on a holiday.  I’m also trying them because that’s what we will be travelling with when we go to Austria.img_6002

May’s comment: I went through security at Dusseldorf Airport one time with several rolls of Tee-wurst and Leberwurst. They were all confiscated at security. It was considered as “liquid.” Cannot imagine what they would say about bloody-red raw minced meat!??!

A friend heard about WONDERBOO and gave us a sample to try.  It’s Swedish which explains the beautiful packaging.
img_5994WONDERBOO uses only natural Swedish ingredients that have been gently air-dried to preserve all the nutrients. There are four flavours for adult dogs – Swedish Ox, Swedish Ox Grain Free, Swedish Cod and Light are all available for adult dogs. Puppies can enjoy our two flavours Swedish Ox and Swedish Cod.

WONDERBOO is a premium dog food concept offering top quality, portion-packed dog food and accessories for the contemporary dog owner.


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  1. Jill Keiser

    I enjoyed visiting the Wonderboo site. It looks like great food for doggies!

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