Goodbyes are not forever

But never easy.

Mum took George to Dorset today to stay with Hebe and Blaze while she and I embark on our next trip.

We have a couple of very busy days before leaving on Thursday evening, and Mum thought it best to take him before it all becomes a big rush.

You always know when Mum’s feeling sad – she’s hugging us a lot and she takes A LOT of photos of us. LOL!

It began last night as she watched George sleeping in his bed by her desk.

Mum: He looks so small and vulnerable. I just want to scoop him up and hold him tightly.

This morning …

Mum: Is he looking at me because he’s sad?

They had breakfast at Bluebird Cafe – and even though there was a black Staffie nearby, George did not bark. He looked at Mum and stayed close by, er, well he was seeking attention at the next table.

Mum: He behaved impeccably. Was he afraid I was taking him somewhere?

Look at the colour of the taxi they took to Waterloo Station! There’s something pink going on in our world!

Mum: The pink taxi distracted me for a moment.

They boarded the train and she takes a selfie of George!

On the train to Gillingham … she is unstoppable!

Mum: Just wanted to see his funny face again and again.

She even took photos of his head!

Mum: He’s not just a little black dog – he has a silver sheen, some rusts and simply gorgeous.

Of course he wanted to say hello to everyone.

Mum: After chewing the coffee cup cover (not mine!) he decided to focus on the other passengers, always friendly and wanting to say hello.

As they neared Gillingham, Mum showed George where he was going …

Mum: He’s starting to recognise its the countryside – looks familiar, George?

And they finally arrived at Gillingham and there was Jane!

Mum: George was happy to see Jane!

And there was his mate Christoph!

Mum: A little reunion. George loves Christoph!

George knew something was happening. He was trembling …

Mum: We’ll be back together again soon, George. Enjoy your time with Hebe and Blaze.

It makes it just a bit better that he is going to a place where he will be loved and cuddled. Wonder which bed he will be sleeping in. He will have a huge garden to run in and he will bark at the cows in the fields.

George getting reacquainted in the garden he loves – but the cows are not there!

He settled in very quickly and got into routine …

And knows his commands!

Three black dogs: Blaze, Hebe, George

He will play with Blaze, maybe not so much Hebe. Even knowing all that, Mum still felt a little sad and a little guilty for leaving him behind – especially with him still hobbling around. (When we come home we will be taking him to the Royal Vet Hospital to figure out what could be wrong. We’ve had three vet opinions but nothing conclusive so a MRI has been booked.)

So a rainbow at the end of the return journey home to London made Mum feel just a little better. And of course all the updates from Jane reassured Mum that George is ok. He’s a tough little guy and he has always adapted.

Mum: Rainbow at the end of the journey – pulling into Waterloo.

May’s comment: Always the days leading up to leaving any of them is always the saddest … last night as I got George’s bag ready for his stay with Jane, I kept looking at this little guy in his bed. Palpitations of the heart – overcame with sadness for leaving him.

Darcy and I will be travelling for a week – and it is almost impossible to bring the two of them on this trip. Besides he will be happier anyway running in the countryside and getting all the cuddles and attention that he loves – especially from Christoph.

But still, that whole leaving them behind just always makes me upset. I am just grateful in knowing that there are places he can go to where he is well loved.


  1. Cheryl

    It’s so hard to leave our fur babies, sometimes doing what’s best is the hardest!

  2. Suzanne Suffern

    Oh, May, I could just feel your saddness about leaving George behind! I go off to work for the day and I cry having to leave my Petey behind, driving home from work, I drive like the car is on fire just to get home to my “son”! I wish you and Darcey a safe and splendid trip! I know George is in good hands!

  3. Frances

    Have a great trip. Poor little George was a little love. He’s having a holiday in Kent. Very retro of him. In years gone by Londoners went to Kent to the farms to pick fruit get paid and called it a holiday.xx

  4. Oh I wished I wont be travelling a lot , I could take care of him.

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