Green-eyed monster

George the green-eyed monster!!!

Mummy took Georgie to the vet to find out if there’s something that’s causing him to get sick every few weeks.  He would throw up bile and sometimes his food.

We had bought him a gobble bowl to slow down his eating and it seemed to have worked.  We think it’s whenever he’s away and eating from regular bowls, he eats too fast and then gets sick. But just to be sure it wasn’t anything else, we went to the vet to have him checked out.

He was amazingly good. He sat very still when they listened to his stomach.
IMG_2885Mummy also told the vet about George’s weepy eyes.  He suspects that his tear duct is not connected properly to his nasal passage – those are laymen’s terms!  That’s a genetic thing that usually happens to smaller breeds we were told, and there’s nothing one can do about it except to clean his eyes and watch out for infection.

To make sure that was the case, the vet had put some drops in George’s eyes. The drop becomes fluorescent in the special light – so they can see where the tears are flowing.

IMG_2890 Whoa! George! That’s scary!IMG_2894 You’re bleeding green tears Georgie!  But none were coming out of his nose which indicates that there’s a blockage so it’s all coming out of his tear ducts and not draining away.IMG_2900 Don’t look at me with those scary eyes!!!IMG_2897Well, that wasn’t the only problem. He has an eye infection – we think his eyes have become infected whilst Mummy was away and no one knew to clean his eyes on a daily basis.

Then Mummy asked if the vet could figure out how old he might be.  After looking at his teeth, he estimated George is probably around 18 months – just what we thought!  So when he arrived he was about 14 months. He’s still very puppyish in behaviour.IMG_2884He had put on weight which is a good thing. When he came to us he was 5 kg, now he’s a whopping 5.3 kg!  But he still feels like a bag of bones.

He even had his anal glands emptied! So George is now all clean and we know what his issues are.  But we’re starting to think he needs a haircut next – a bit straggly now.  But that’s another day, another appointment.

So when is my turn for some attention?  I’m usually the centre of attention in here but today I sat on the floor waiting for my turn.IMG_2887May’s comment: The first thing Darcy did was to stand on the scale.

When she was little, we needed to give her treats to do that – that has become a learned behaviour.

When the vet calls her name, she runs into the room and gets on the scale waiting for her treat!  And today we’re happy to report she’s a fit 9.85kg!!!!  Hooray! Last time we were there she was 10.3 kg!  She needs to be under 10 kg. for future travels.  Must have been all that running in the countryside.

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