Guilty Gifts

Think Mum was feeling a little guilty for not being with us on Valentine’s Day.

This was to our benefit – LOL!

A package arrived for me at the House of Mutt –

Let’s open it, Sarah!

It’s something from Mungo & Maud

I wonder what’s inside!

I know it’s not a collar, nor a jumper because it smells too good!

Ah, there’s a card from Mum …

It says those are for sharing with all my friends.

Yup! I know those treats

Can I have one?

Anticipation …


Ah, yes! Love Heart treats!

And over in Dorset … a package arrived for the Auers. And Hebe knew immediately what were in those tins! He got really excited!

Hebe and Blaze shared their Biscuiteer dog treats with George.

Bed time treats.

George wanted to say thank you to the Auers for having him …

May’s comment: Some of our favourite treats … to make up for not being together – and to say thank you to friends.

Mungo & Maud favourite Love Hearts Treats – fruit smoothies.

Biscuiteers does dog treats too – our choice of flavours are cheese and peanut butter.

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