Heidi is a much loved, rescued ex breeding beige/ mink spayed Cockapoo dog. Missing since Sunday 5th February 2016 for 5 days in Blackheath Common, in the Surrey Hills.
Heidi was rescued from a breeding facility by Melanie and her loving family. In Melanie’s quest to give Heidi a wonderful new and enriched life, Heidi was taken on a walk to a lovely new location to Blackheath Common in the Surrey Hills. Whilst on the walk Heidi was spooked and disappeared into a wooded area to hide.

The family have searched high and low, day and night, since Sunday 5th February but not to no avail. There have been confirmed sightings in Blackheath Common. We think as Heidi is a shy rescue dog she is likely to be hiding.

We need lots of people for a search party on Sunday to find Heidi.

Please join or share this event and join the Find Heidi page below.

Any queries for the search party only please call 07984152445

Please do not approach Heidi as she is a very shy and nervous dog. For sightings only please call Melanie 07970 779668

Please join the Find Heidi Facebook page for more news and help to find Heidi

Let’s bring Heidi home


  1. Cheryl

    Prayers she is found safe and returned ASAP!

  2. Karen henderson

    I pray this little baby is found asap. Cant imagine what she is going through and her lovely family too. It breaks my heart just thinking of her out there in the cold all alone and hungry too. Love and prayers to her and her family. So wish i could help find this precious baby. ???? xxxxx

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Good luck! Praying you find her.

  4. Praying this little girl is found and returned to her new loving parents ??????

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