Hello from the other side!

Happy Christmas Little Tyke! We haven’t seen you in a while.IMG_8986Hello Georgie! says Little TykeIMG_8992We like your card, said Little Tyke
IMG_8956Are we having an opening present session?  Yes, a pair of scissors is always useful – good idea, Little Tyke!IMG_8944Amongst other things, Mini Tyke got a vanity caseIMG_8939We think she likes it! LOL!IMG_8947Little Tyke had a map of the world jigsaw puzzle so he can see how far away England is away from Thailand. He also had a paper kit to make a batman which seemed to be his favourite! And a Dr. Seuss book – “Which Pet should I get?”IMG_8950That was a hint, Little Tyke. You should already know the answer to that question!

May’s comment: Christmas with children is special.  So even though Sasha and Skye are on the other side of the world, thanks to technology that we can still share moments like this.

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