Hello Hugs!

Well, hello! It’s been awhile.IMG_0151

Mummy and Impostor are home. IMG_9880 They flew in this morning.IMG_9889And Agnes brought us back to London but instead of going straight to see Mummy, she took us to have a wash-n-fluff.  IMG_9899 IMG_9902 IMG_9904 IMG_9907

This is us coming out of the parlour!IMG_9911 As usual I run towards the counter as I know that’s where the treats are!IMG_9912 And then realised it was Mummy!!!!IMG_9914 Yes, lots of excitement!IMG_9915 Time for cuddlesIMG_0088 And hugs.IMG_0098May’s comment: And we are altogether again!

Agnes who had them this past week. She reported that Darcy and George played together every time they were out in the fields.  They would both run really far and then circle back to her. They were inseparable – they didn’t care other dogs were around.  Agnes used to walk Darcy, and she was there with us when George came home the first day. She had seen George’s aggression at the beginning towards Darcy and saw how Darcy just tolerated George. She noticed a marked difference about Darcy. She said Darcy really loves George.  I think she shows it less when I am around but when they are just the two of them, they both know they belong to each other.

It’s been really good for the two of them to be together when I am away. So that changes all future plans.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    I’m glad that Darcy and George got to be together while you were away and what a delight for them to find you waiting on them after having their hair done! Yeh! You’re home!

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