Look at all those pressies!

Thank you Impostor and Mummy for all our pressies!

IMG_9925We have treats!IMG_9846Toys from that lovely store in West Hollywood – Max-boneIMG_9853 IMG_9854Looks like George likes his monkey!IMG_9927More funny toys from Ore’ Originals that Mummy found at Blue Tree –  which is an eclectic shop for high-end women’s clothing, jewelry & home goods around the corner from where she lived in Manhattan. She always goes in there to see what’s on offer and this time she bought us toys from there. IMG_9865 (1)Another Teddy for me and a Hot Dog for George!IMG_9929And there’s a pressie from Jake!IMG_9852Lamb Chops! Thank you Jake!  I think George likes it too!IMG_0111 He’s saying – come catch me and Lamb Chops!IMG_0121As for me, I am spoilt for choice on teddies.IMG_0114 I still like my original teddy best.IMG_0118All these others especially the Max-bone one is a back-up just in case Charlie kills it!

And what about those boxes of treats?IMG_9923Thank you, Mummy (and Impostor) for all our pressies.IMG_9847May’s comment: Every time I travel to the US, I stock up on certain things … that are cheaper in the States.IMG_9848Always loved these Buddy Biscuits. I think I loved the little gingerbread shapes more than anything else about them but they are supposed to be all-natural ingredients. I have always got the small ones for training and treats but thought to try the larger size now – probably feeling guilty being away and wanting to give them bigger treats! LOL!

They are starting to stock them in the UK but then it’s cheaper to get them in the States!IMG_9849And we love this Aroma Paws shampoo – bought three bottles to take home! They smell sumptuous.  There’s a range of scents but this is my favourite Geranium Orchid Peony. You can get them in London but they are almost double the price!

And last but not least, my sister keeps me stocked with poo bags from New Jersey!!! LOL!

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  1. Cheryl

    That is a lot of presents! You must have brought an extra bag just for the presents!

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