A special Doodle at our Hyde Park Meet – guess who?

It must be Summer hols – we didn’t have very many doodles today but we had some hooman munchkinsMini TykeAnd Little Tyke!Who was chasing after me as I went squirrelling. Grump! Grump! Grump! I was told off by Mummy.

This will be the last Doodle Meet before they head on home. But they had other plans and went in search of parrots instead of hanging out with us.

Thankfully, last night’s rain clouds were blown away and our four-legged doodle friends were there –Maisie and MackRusty, Alfie, LuccaJessie and LokiAt first we thought this is it – just nine of us.Left to right: Rusty, Jessie, George, Loki (cavapoo), Darcy, Lucca, Alfie, Maisie, Mack

But soon after the photo was taken, a few more arrived!!! Leelo, Theo and WINSTON!!!! (formerly Churchill)As always, Winston was his smiley self.He has put on weight, he’s no longer stressed and he’s finally able to be his happy self. And look, he remembered the trick we showed him.

And Theo, the full male, was madly in love with Leelo …Just couldn’t get enough of her!So with new additions, we tried another way of taking a group photo …Left to right: Theo (cavachon), Winston (formerly Churchill!), Loki, Darcy, Rusty, George, Leelo, Jessie, Lucca, Maisie, Mack, Alfie

Inspired by Jim!The Pack Leader!

And despite a second effort, we still missed Molly in the group photoAnd then came BradyBut we spotted something interesting … and we all ran up to check it out.Is he a poodle crossed with a Dalmatian, we wondered.Everyone was curious …It turned out he was a regular poodle – a parti poodle!

May’s comment: So, so happy to see Winston – he looked so well, so happyAnd still his usual greedy self. These two monkeys went in search of someone’s picnic!See you all at the end of August!


  1. Julie Entwistle

    What great photos. So glad Winston (AKA – Churchill) is very well loved and looking fabulous.

  2. Ruth Tinney

    What a fantastic outcome for Winston…such a happy boy. You must be so pleased with this May, well done to you and all those who helped xx

  3. Lucy Cronin

    Glad Winston was able to be at the Doodle meet & that he is doing well!

  4. Nancy Koon

    So happy to see Winston so happy!!!

  5. Marcia

    Winston looks so handsome and happy….perfect outcome!

  6. Margaret Danks

    How fantastic to see Winston. He looks soooo happy. I bet you were just overjoyed to see him so happy and well May. ?

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