Will we see you in September?

The (very) hot, sweaty days of summer are behind us now. Human kids back to school. Doodles out to play.  Happy Autumn!

We’ve had a busy September – birthday parties, exploring new cities/countries and meeting other doodles in the Isle of Wight.But this Sunday, we’ll be in London – hoping to catch up with you.
In addition, we have Ed, the dog trainer from House of Mutt who will be working with a few of our members on some needed training. If you are interested in having a session with Ed, please let me know and we can ask him to stay longer than the 90 mins he has allocated for those who have signed up.
May’s comment: Would so love to see you for a catch-up. Seems like such a long time ago since we last met up in London. Same time: 11 am, same place: behind the Serpentine Gallery, photo call: 11.30am

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  1. Susan Hudson

    Di you meet up at a specific place in the Kensington gardens?

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