I’m sorry

Camilla, is it because I wake you up every morning at 6:30am that I can’t stay at yours any more? I’m sorry. I thought I was being helpful and be your alarm clock.

Jaffa, did I invade your space too much?  Did you want all those wonderful small hoomans all to yourself again?IMG_5044I think of you every moment of everyday when I am not with you. I wait to see if you’re walking past the window and maybe you’ll bark at me.

May’s comment:  George is now home and he’s missing Jaffa.

This is George crying after being left when Camilla took Jaffa home.  Heartbreaking. He hardly ever cries, quiet, stoic but he was so confused why he had been left behind when Camilla walked out the door with Jaffa. His little heart was broken.

Poor little thing. Lots of cuddles, food and treats will help some. And he will see Jaffa as often as possible. They have become best mates.IMG_5021

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  1. Liz

    Poor little George, he’ll be fine when his big sister gets home.

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