Greetings from the House of Mutt

Just in case, you’ve forgotten that this is really my blog which seems to have been all about George of late – just thought I’d say “hello” from the House of Mutt in Suffolk!

While George has been flying sky-high and panting his way across Mallorca and Düsseldorf, I’ve been having a whale of a time!img_5544Running through the woods with my friendsimg_9509I’m keeping up with the big dogs with longer legs – sometimes charging ahead of everyoneimg_9534Between the grin on my face and the wind – I look demented!img_5580Getting my paws all muddy img_5578And no Mummy yelling at me!

Paddling in the water.img_5601 Yee ha!  If Mummy could see what I’m doing, she will be very happy she’s not here to clean me up! LOL!

Here’s my gang of friends!14492509_1504299642920620_81096384410629644_nAnd at day’s end, I decide to snuggle up next to Sarah … but I’m a “big” dog and would take up most of her space. 🙂unnamedMay’s comment: Always makes me happy to see how well she is while I’m away.  Makes it so much easier for me to be away.  Thank you House of Mutt!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Always makes me wish we had a House of Mutt in the Piedmont of North Carolina!

  2. SamanthaR

    Hey – we missed you Miss D! Looks like you’re having a lovely time. Bet you’re looking forward to seeing Mummy and George again (about as much as all of that mud!).

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