In our search of bears

Wearing my own duffle coat, we were off looking for more Paddington bears.

This time we walked down Regent Street and came across Parka Paddington designed by Liam Gallagher at the top of Canarby Street.IMG_9463 So should I jump on the pedestal for the photo?

Shall I look the other way?IMG_9467We walked further on. We heard there’s one at Hamley’s – it figures they would. We didn’t see one outside so we ventured into the store. I’m pretty sure I was not allowed inside but Paddington as it turned out was quite close to the entrance so we asked if we could take a photo of me with Bearer of Gifts by Hamleys. The staff closest to the door hesitatingly ushered us in. We had to do this quickly!
IMG_9473 Out of Hamleys, we carried on walking along Regent Street to Glasshouse Street. And there on the corner of Air and Glasshouse, we saw Bearodiversity designed by Peru!  That’s where Paddington came from.IMG_9477 As we headed towards the very busy Piccadilly Circus, we found Paddington the Explorer designed by Ripley’s Believe It Or NotIMG_9480When Mummy was taking this photo, several other people were taking photos of me!

As the day wore on, we found one more Paddington before we headed home.  This one was inside Christie’s on King Street. W2 1RH by Marc Quinn is cast in concrete and it’s the heaviest of all the Paddingtons – one too many marmalade sandwiches perhaps?IMG_9516So that’s 14 Paddingtons and counting.  Still 36 more to go – not sure if we can keep up with this.  A bit tiring.


  1. Maggie Danks

    You look lovely in your red duffell coat MissDarcy. I think you are going to be more photographed than the paddingtons wearing your snazzy coat. Xx

  2. Alison

    Wow Darcy you’re doing really well finding all of these Paddingtons. Don’t give up!!!
    PS Ruby and I love your duffle coat!!!!

  3. Wendeline

    As I can’t come see the Paddingtons Miss Darcy I hope you will keep posting photos of them!

  4. Tracey

    You MUST find them all! Miss darcy!! – then I get to see them all ….
    Are you able to find where they are all located on the web?
    I think they are fab, & of course miss darcy looks scrummy in her duffle!!
    They remind me of the lambananast that were dotted around liverpool x

  5. Lin

    This is fab. Please keep updating when you find anymore paddingtons. Love your coat. X

  6. you are very handsome and you coat is wonderful my Sami would love one like that

  7. Denise.Scott

    Wow Darcy you LOOK FANTASTIC in your new Duffle Coat
    I am well Jealous
    Do you think if I ask Father Chrismas nicely I will get one??

    Love Oakley

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Oakley,
      I am sure you’ve been very good and Father Christmas should answer your wishes! x

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