Me and the Peruvian bear

This is the one we wanted to have our photo taken with – Paddington Bear at Paddington Station. And I wore my new duffel coat that’s just like Paddington’s!IMG_9458Located between Platform 8 and 9, this is the original – as Michael Bond imagined him to be.

That’s only the 9th Paddington Bear we’ve found.  41 more to go.  Too many bears, too little time.

May’s comment: This is the Michael Bond Paddington Bear

Darcy is proudly wearing her new duffle coat from Miss Darcy for Alice Foxx


  1. Judith Vogel

    Great find, great bear, great photo!

  2. Tracey

    So there are 50 bears around London??….. Wow – good luck on your quest to find them all!
    I have bought billy a cuddly paddington bear for Christmas, I made sure the hat and coat are the correct combination as the bear in the film. (When I was young, …many many years ago!! Paddington had a blue coat and black hat!)
    I’ve seen a trailer and can’t wait to see the film.
    Loving miss darcy in her duffle xx

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