Inching closer

Thursday: Day One (Afternoon)I have arrived at Marley’s and his mum made a nice spot for me on an armchair by the window so I can look out into the garden. Marley tells me we go for walks twice a day.  Cool!
But I am just going to sit around a little and assess the new situation I’m in while thinking about you.OK, Marley. Let’s go check out the Commons.Good source of squirrels, Marley! I think I will enjoy these walks. And the reward at the end of it was dinner!

And I’ve decided to move from the armchair to the sofa – as the garden is dark now and there’s nothing to look out at.When Yaena and the family went upstairs for bedtime, I decided to curl up with Darcey in her room and made sure she fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I decided to look for Marley.  I found him in Yaena’s dressing room and next to his bed, there was another made up for me.  I’m glad Marley is around.  He reassured me that I will be well looked after and we will have fun together when we leave for France.Friday: Day Two

Yaena came to wake us up for a sunrise walk- something I don’t think I have ever done with Mum.
But it is never too early to chase squirrels and each other! And Yaena was pleased with my recall – despite the squirrels. Yay!  Are you proud of me, Mum?

After our walks, Marley and I, we just hang out where Yaena is in the house.  We have naps and cuddles. But when she’s cooking, she doesn’t want us in the kitchen near her as it is not safe. So she would bring down our “dens” so we can lay near the kitchen and watch her in our comfort zones. Saturday: Day 3

Yaena says I am the cutest in the morning – full of joy, love my cuddles and I want to have a chat. I think I was trying to tell her it was time to go out and don’t forget breakfast.

So off we went – it was a windy walk. There has been talk of a big storm up north which is causing all this calamity – lot so leaves on the ground.Once back home, we wait patiently at the kitchen steps for our breakfast.
Once we’ve eaten, Marley and I then claim our spaces on the sofa and take time to digest our yummy Honey’sWe each take our own end of the sofa – I’ve given up on the armchair.But when Marley went to Yaena for a cuddle, I decided I want to sit on the throw.But after awhile when I’ve enough of trying out Marley’s side o the sofa, I jumped off to the lay on the floor.  And immediately, Marley regained his place.Yaena calls this the poodle-doodle ballet.

This went on all day but by the end of the day, I’ve moved one closer to Marley … sharing the sofa with no seat in between them. Getting closer.

Tonight Mum, we are going to bed early as Darcey is leaving for a rowing race at 5.30 tomorrow morning and we need to get up to send her on her way. I don’t mind going to bed early as we’ve had two long park walks today. Marley loves to play chase with me so I am good and tired now.Sunday: Day 4

Hello mum, I sure do enjoy having the garden and I have learnt from Marley I just need to stand by the door and Yaena will open it for me. It is rather handy as they have lots of ? in the garden to keep keep watch.

Today we’re trying a different sofa, And it’s not just Marley that gets cuddles. I do too. Thank you Yaena for having me and for making me feel so at home and loved.  I know my Mum’s away and you’ve asked to have me. I look forward to getting to know you better, and Marley, of course. I think before long, Marley and I will be sleeping next to each other.

Monday: Day 5

Today we begin our journey to France. We’ll be in Paris late today and will report back from there! Soon we will be on our way for a few weeks in St. Tropez. I loved the beaches there and had so much fun rolling in the sand. I am one lucky girl!

May’s comment: Yaena writes me every day and send these lovely pics of Darcy.  It’s been interesting to see how she has been slowly settling in and her funny self is starting to emerge as she gains confidence.  For the first couple of days, Darcy would run to the door every time the doorbell rang – probably thinking it was me. But she has given up on the idea and adapting to the new routines. She now finds Marley and sleeps with him. But things will change again from today when they leave for Paris. I am sure she wouldn’t remember we’ve only been there at least half a dozen times. I wonder how she will behave then. This will be Part II of her time spent with Yaena.


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