In search of a certain somebody …

It sure seems like toy poodles reign in Hong Kong …

Mum saw two of them on the same day at IFC Mall. Another with a Westie on Queens Road in CentralAnd alas, a corgi waiting for a taxiPlus an Impostor!Who went with Mum on this trip – at the very last minute. Impostor was with Mum wherever she went. This was at the Apple Store in HK – what a view! But Impostor was on a mission – at least that’s Mum’s rationale.  You see, Mum decided to stop over in Hong Kong instead of Bangkok on her way to Ko Samui because she had heard about a man that sells dog Chinese costumes in one of the street markets. This was what had inspired her … Toffee in her Chinese New Year dress!Surely, I need one just like that. LOL!

She landed in Hong Kong on Friday evening and on Saturday morning, she and her friend, Ruby made their way to the “Lady Street Market” in Mongkok. There were lots of these Chinese costumes for children – but none for dogs.She, well her friend, Ruby asked these vendors if they knew of a man that sells dog clothes. One after another, they told Mum and Ruby there used to be quite a few before but they now sell their clothes in pet shops. Disheartened Mum carried on – and looked at the children’s clothes as an alternative – since I wear a toddler’s size 2 and George wears a size 1.  But still, when they checked out the clothes asking for sizes, Ruby would explain that Mum was buying them for her dogs. At one of the stalls, the “dog connection” once again worked magic. The woman has two dogs herself, eagerly showed Mum pictures of her two huskies – who wears her children’s costumes! And then she told Mum that there is a man who sells dog clothes in that market.  He is all the way at the end of the market street.  With that piece of information, Mum almost jogged away leaving Ruby behind, dodging the crowds till she got to the end.  But where was he? She turned left at the last stall and seeing the word “DOG” written on a piece of cardboard, she hurried over to the man who was busy setting up his wares. Ruby who was trying to keep up with Mum finally reached her – as Mum pointed to the word. Ruby proceeded to ask if he had any Chinese costumes for dogs. The man laughed. “It’s way too early for that. It’s not even Christmas yet!” Apparently he makes them only for the Chinese New Year.

Oh boo! Never mind, Mum thought. At least he is real and she found him. At that point, she took out Impostor and showed it to the man – telling him that’s the dog she was looking to clothe – and George of course. He looked amused and apologised that he didn’t have any. “Come back in the New Year,” he said and wanted to sell us the other dog clothing. Well, I guess it was mission unaccomplished. 🙁

I think Mum was half-relieved that she at least found the man and maybe she can figure out a way to get them in the new year.  With that, she and Ruby went for dim sum at the Dragon Noodle Academy!And this is what it will look like if one of us ever did travel with Mum to Hongkers! After this trip, it has definitely crossed Mum’s mind – wonder if she could take one of us to Hong Kong the next time.

May’s comment: Well, maybe George could make that journey. He’s small enough like the toy poodles to go into shopping malls.  Darcy may be a bit too visible. Need to research that one.

I loved Hong Kong the first time I ever saw it. When I lived in NYC, I thought it was fast-paced until I came to Hong Kong. I used to say – “New York City on steroids.” It is definitely a city that never sleeps (so does London, for that matter, as I found out recently).

When I lived there I didn’t feel that I belonged. After I left but frequented Asia on business trips, Hong Kong became my base – and then I felt very at home. We frequented Lan Kwai Fong and danced till the early hours at Hyatt’s J.J. (which no longer exists!). Such a jargon or memories – being madly in love and even revelling with the crowds at Rugby Sevens, noodle shops and walking through shopping malls and riding the escalators in Mid-Levels. Every neighbourhood of Hong Kong holds some memories … and how much I would love to walk through these places with Darcy or George. Would I dare?

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  1. Cecilia Lin

    I love Hong Kong, I had a memorable childhood there!

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