Labrador+Retriever ++

Lucky and Polo have grown but not as large as Mummy was expecting.

Mini Tyke with PoloLittle Tyke with LuckyBut then maybe the kiddies have grown too!

May’s comment: These two little monkeys are doing well, but we’re slowly discovering what might be in their breed mix. It seems they are a cross between Golden Retriever and Labrador. But why does one of Lucky’s ear stand up?!?!?! LOL!And they both have birthmarks on their tongues.

Absolutely best of friends …

Got them chewy toys so they don’t chew the furniture!!!

They are cheeky monkeys – they hide under the bed where they’re not allowed.And then asked for their noses to be scratched when found!

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Poll and Lucky are living the life of luxury! They are also beautiful!

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