Instagrammable L.A.

We have met quite a few friends on Instagram and when in L.A. I met three of them …

Arne, Gracie me and Dulce

And we thought it would be appropriate to do an Instagram meet-up at Wonder World LA – a pop-up which is an immersive exhibition that invites you to the realm of fantasy.

They had opened the space just for us to take photos.

Red Mushrooms in Pink Room
The Big Cheese
Me and macarons in a tea-cup
I ate all the macarons
What are you doing, Mum?
Room of Humming Birds
Mum getting into the act.

Completely different to the whimsical Birds – we were next in The Grid Room.

The Grid Room
Posing with Dulce

Just me, walking around and checking out what was going on.

Another fun room –

In the Clouds

See how you can do tricks with them.

Crescent Room means I needed to perch. Mum was hoping I could sit back – no chance.

Dog in the Moon

And surrounding the Crescent were lots of bubbles and balloons

That was fun – Gracie loved playing in there.

And a sparkly room …

Ahhhh, Mum thought – this is the opportunity to use her new App to show off the sparkles.

Taking a colour each …

The Rainbow Room

Wearing my red scarf from Gracie – to match the flowers.

I’m a Wall Flower.

One of the many photo sessions.

And for the final group shot …

This next picture isn’t part of the Wonder World Space but it fitted in so well.

It’s a pressie from Arne – how did he know I balance doughnuts on my nose?

Thank you Gracie for inviting us along. It was so much fun.

It was lovely to meet Dulce, a maltipoo –


Arne the Shichon – a Shih-Tzu and Bichon


And lovely Gracie Doodle …


May’s comment: At Wonder Space has six exquisitely designed installation spaces by New York based artists for capturing and sharing dreamy moments on Social Media.

Check out our Instagram @missdarcysadventures

My favourite room – the birds. Hard to photograph with dogs so I thought I’d try it myself.

Gracie and Fanny showed us a few more Instagrammable LA –

We love this Paul Smith Pink Wall.

And this wall of love on Melrose


  1. stunning photos May – not to mention the special memories. xx

  2. Gracie Rainbows

    We had so much fun with you guys!

    • Miss Darcy

      We loved meeting you all – and Gracie I think Mum has a real soft spot for you. Please come and visit.

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