Thanks for the memories …

All good things must come to an end … and this is the case with our time in Los Angeles.

It was always on Mum’s list to take me to L.A. because she has such fond memories and have made such good friends there. And now, we know L.A. is definitely more dog-friendly than NYC.

As we drove from the airport – Mum showed me The Century – a building project which brought Mum to L.A. many, many times when she was working in NYC.

The Century – a luxury condominium in Century City

Whenever in L.A., she was always a guest at The Peninsula. The last time she was there, she had told them about me and they were expecting me – but she didn’t bring me. This time she promised them I would come along.

And they welcomed me warmly.

A nice comfy bed, and bottled “Peninsula” water – you always can tell when they know what they’re doing – there are two bowls instead of the token one.

But Mum’s bed is just as comfy –

Where’s my monogrammed pillowcase?

Why is there one with GW?

Monogrammed pillowcase for George.

Mum explained that since I already had one from her last trip made for me – this time she thought George should also have one. OK then.

There was a room service menu for dogs.

Mum ordered me a serving of grilled chicken with peas and carrots.

Oh, I like this man.

Didn’t take long to chomp it all down. I had to hurry because Mum said it was time for Game of Thrones – Episode 4. The hotel had set up Apple TV for a lot of guests in the hotel to watch the programme.

Ahhhh That’s the life.

What will Mum do when Game of Thrones is all over? Well, for today, to take a walk, maybe?

We took a walk to check out the hotel grounds.

And enjoyed the lovely flowers in the lounge.

Went up to the rooftop pool – too cold for a swim.

And I am not allowed in the pool area.

One last night walkies …

We’ve had a lovely stay – and Mum’s right. We felt so well taken care of – and so dog-friendly. I hope we will be back again on another visit.

But now its time to say goodbye to L.A.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome. This is another one of our “Mum and Me” memories.

Won’t it be fun if George could be here too.

May’s comment: There are so many lovely hotels in Los Angeles, but The Peninsula remains my favourite.

We wanted to share our experiences here – due to gratitude of how lovely they have always been to me. Ten years since I was last a regular corporate client but their services have never wavered and the staff that were there still remembers me each time I return.

And I love how they treat they doggy clients just as well. Without hesitation, they offered to take us – me and dog – to wherever we needed to go in their Rolls Royce. She jumped up on the seat – no problem.

This is NOT a gift. We were not paid to write this but written out of gratitude. We paid for our room and all services rendered.

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  1. Holly & Teddy

    What a totally pawsome stay! We are loving all your posts and can’t wait to keep reading about the trip! X

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