We won them over

This is Jasper and Emma and how we won them over.

Jasper wants to be Alpha Male but he is incredibly shy and fearful. He doesn’t trust too many people except his mom and his hooman sis.

Emma on the other hand is like George – maybe two-thirds of George as she’s a Morkie. She’s very friendly and engages with people – in this case, Mum.

Emma took to Mum from the minute we arrived at their place. Jasper held back. He was curious about me – and we both had a bit of a stand off – I didn’t like him near me and he wanted to be the boss. He was actually unsure of me. I didn’t mind Emma. She’s sweet.

Over time, I too became more comfortable and hung out with Laura and her pups.

Mum was trying to win over Jasper. She gave all of us Woof Brushes each night. And then she bribed all of us with Sprinkles cupcakes.

Mum then took Emma and Jasper out for walkies around the compound where they live. They liked that.

Me – I stayed back and sat at the door – confused and annoyed to have been left.

It was sort of working. Jasper came often to check out what we were doing. Emma was often hanging out.

Then Mum picked up Emma and gave her a good long cuddle.

Jasper was very curious. He stood and stared at us. What’s going on? – he was thinking. What was that all about? He kept staring and staring. When Mum put Emma down, he sniffed at her and he came closer to Mum. Finally he allowed Mum to pick him up.

He wasn’t sure. His ears went right back but after awhile, he relaxed into it. When Mum put him down he didn’t run away. He hung around. In fact all of us were hanging around together.

This was them watching Mum.

Mum just wasn’t going to give up.

She held Jasper and gave him lots of love.

In the night, Mum had left the door open – and sure enough, little Jasper wandered in to check on us. He came to have a look and then walked back to his mum’s room.

The next morning when we were about to leave, we had a love-fest.

Jasper saying “I love you.”

Mum loves you too, Jasper. She can’t wait to return to L.A. to give you more hugs. She thinks that we were there a few days longer, she will have the two of you sleeping with us.

May’s comment:

I doubt it, D. You would never sleep with someone else when I am around but I know that Jasper and I will be friends. And Emma will always be the love bug that she already is.

It was really fun spending time with Jasper and Emma. Wish we had more time to do more things with them.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    So happy you won Jasper over, May! I know you and Darcy will be missed by Jasper, Emma and the rest of the family when you leave for home!

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