It ain’t over till the Magi has come

It’s the Twelfth Day after Christmas and Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, the three Kings who followed the star of Bethlehem have arrived –

bringing with them symbolic gifts of frankincense (his divine birth), gold (his royal standing) and scented myrrh (has mortality) for the baby Jesus.  OK. Nativity plays are long finished but we thought we could try to re-enact this last bit of the Christmas story. We are The Three Kings (or the wise ones) – George plays Caspar, the young, beardless King from India, bringing with him frankincense. I’m Melchior, the Prince of Persia who is the oldest and brought the gift of gold.  We couldn’t get Jaffa to play along, so we had a stand-in – Le Mutt who played Balthazar, a Prince of Arabia who brought the gift of myrrh.  Sorry, we ran out of crowns in our household so he wore a fedora instead. This is turning out to be a pantomime instead of the end of a Nativity play.

So twelve days after Christmas, they have finally arrived. And that’s why we kept the Christmas lights on for one last day – to welcome them.  Would be sad if they came and all the lights have already been switched off!

May’s comment: Almost the day after Christmas, the once adorned and adored trees litter the streets (yes, they are picked up for recycling).  I too am guilty of taking down some of the decorations once I’m back home from our Christmas hols and soon after New Year’s, I can’t wait to box them all away.  Not because I am tired of Christmas but because it is so anti-climatic that having Christmas decorations around just reminds me of how after all the build-up, it’s over.  Another Christmas.

But I like traditions and while all peripheral pieces have been boxed up, and the presents all put away, I wait till the Twelfth Day before I finally switch off the lights on our little Christmas Tree that is already stripped bare of the few ornaments. I am all geared up and in a hurry to get on with the year.  So it was lovely to visit with Yaena yesterday, to be reminded that the Three Kings only arrive on the Twelfth Day to visit baby Jesus in Bethlehem.Photo credit: Yaena B.

So today is Epiphany and it’s traditional to take down the Christmas decorations!

Oh wait, should we wait till Candlemas – on the 2 February, the 40th day of the Christmas-Epiphany season?

Love this post from last year. Still makes me laugh 🙂  – The Twelve Days of Christmas


  1. Daniel Hall

    Well there is another New Year’s coming up, The Chinese New Years on Jan. 28 Are there many activities in London then?

    The place you were on New Years with your 2 dogs looked great. George surely has a wild dog streak still in him. My sister’s two rescue dogs still have that streak in them–one found out how to get food when my sister is not around–opening the refrigerator door.

    Best wishes to the 3 of you for 2017.


    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year, Daniel.
      Yes, there is always some celebration in our Chinatown and then there’s always a big event going on at Trafalgar Square.

  2. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Love your story

  3. Alicia

    I have come to love your blog and am always learning something new. I look forward to it every day. I am smitten with George and amazed at how well behaved Darcy is. Wishing you the best in this new year.

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