Last stop – Montreal

On the road again. Sadly, we had to leave L.A. – and arrived back at NYC for an overnight stay before our next flight to Montreal.

When we got off the plane and walked toward Baggage Claim – we were rather amused by what we saw …

There was the Men’s and Women’s toilets and in between was Pet Relief. Mum asked if I needed to go.

A water hydrant? How about a lamp post? Neither works for me.

Uh – seriously? A water hydrant? Do you really think I am just going to go in here?

Once we got past Baggage Claim – there was an outside Pet Relief area – and that’s where we headed.

And the result was instant.

Like the rules.

Back at our New York apartment building, we had time to say hello to Benny.

She’s one of the few dogs who’s older than me.

Quick night sleep – the emphasis here is quick. Mum was still on West Coast time and we needed to be up by 5.30am for our next flight. I needed a walk around the block – the streets were still empty.

On Madison Avenue

In a cab by 6.15am – still sleepy.

Watching the New York skyline whizzing by in the rush of cars hurtling towards the RFK bridge.

We got to La Guardia Airport in little time – and there were no queues. That’s pretty straight forward was what Mum thought.

Uh-oh. What’s wrong?

But Mum didn’t realise she needed an ESTA for Canada as well! Oops. That was cutting it a bit close. We did get the ok but when we landed in Montreal, we then had to go through customs for bringing in “an animal” … but all went well.

Montreal was pouring rain. The first real rainfall in the whole two weeks we have been away.

The next challenge – taxis. We have been spoilt in NYC when no one refused us and no one even asked for me to sit on the floor. We waited with trepidation as to what was going to happen. The first taxi driver agreed to take us but I needed to sit on the floor. After Mummy sat down, she lifted me up onto her lap – and nothing else was mentioned.

We arrived at dog-friendly The Alt Hotel. We were tired from the early morning rise, the 3 hour time difference and all the unexpected things we had to deal with. So we welcomed sitting in our room on the 12th floor – looking out at the cloudy skies and down on the wet streets.

Sat looking out the window at the rain coming down.

But there was an important appointment we had to keep – Vet visit!

We needed to time it so all the flea and tick treatment and deworming were within five days of our arrival back in the UK.

I had a most thorough check-up – including my teeth. The Vet told Mum that my teeth were quite good – only a little tartar that needed to be taken care of. But I had gained a little weight – because I haven’t had much chance to run around.

I passed all check-ups and took everything required. We returned to our hotel room to await the arrival of our friend, Peg who was coming from Ottawa to meet us.

Mum, I think the skies are clearing. Yay!

Hello Peg! I remember you when you came to visit us in London.

I got to stay with Peg at the hotel

while Mum went to buy my food at the nearby supermarket.

Trying Halal meat.

May’s comment: Last stop on our North American adventure – Montreal.

As for Darcy’s food – we managed to find a version of raw food that has worked well for her while in the States.

But for our two days in Montreal, I had to buy minced meat for her.


  1. Liz Burman

    What a fab. trip you have had. Love the Pet Relief area at JFK how enlightened they are.🐾

  2. Liz Burman

    What a great trip you have had. Love the Pet Relief area at JFK how enlightened they are.🐾

  3. Jill Keiser

    Primal Nuggets for dogs looked like a good substitute food for Darcy while you were in the US and Canada.

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