The countrified Georg von Buda

George has a new name. It happens when you’re staying with posh people with good lineage.

Since he was from Hungary, they thought he should be called Georg and figured he must have come from the posher side of Budapest, so he became Georg von Buda!

If he stays any longer he might become a Baron of something. We better go get him and bring him back to reality! LOL!

Mum, maybe he might be happier being the country gent.

“Ahhhh,” Mum said, understanding my ulterior motive, “we shall not. He is part of our family.”

When we arrived, Georg von Buda aka George couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw us at the door. It took him a second to realise it was Mum and I. He twirled and he jumped up at Mum. He followed her keenly as she put down her backpack before picking him up.

He must have thought he was there to stay. He sniffed out Mum’s backpack.

Yup! There were treats in there!

And we all had our small bites.

When everyone settled down, we heard the latest of George’s last 48 hours. He had been brilliant till then.

But when they took him to the horse races, he watched keenly with the others – Hebe and Blaze.

Jane held him in her arms and he was as good as gold and suddenly at the fifth race, Georg decided he didn’t like it any more. He suddenly seems to realise there were big four-legged creatures and he told them so.

Great Georg! You’ve just ruined everyone’s day at the races!

The night before last, the three of them were let out into the garden for their last toilet session when Georg decided he would go for a run and play in the fields. Jane and Christoph had to go out into the dark with torches to locate him. It took them 30 minutes to catch up! That rascal!

The next thing he seemed to have suddenly developed overnight – was barking at the duckings in the pond. They all seem to know if his presence and hid from him on the island in the. middle of the pond.

He’s had a sudden curiousity about the wildlife in the “island” in the middle of the pond the garden.

But he couldn’t figure out how to get there. So when we were all let out into the garden, he definitely confirmed everything Jane had been telling us.

He looked at the water but didn’t dare jump. He looked across to the other side of the pond …

He dipped himself into the water but didn’t dare go any further.

He circled back to the side where he got closest to the “island” – and looked down at the unknown.

Mum said, “I bet given a few more days he would have jumped into the pond.”

So that explained why Georg was no longer allowed outside in the garden on the last day. Because Mum did not want him in the pond and there was no time to wash him before we headed home.

We had a beautiful sunset in Dorset – and then we all crashed in our bed in the guest room – the first time in two weeks. Nice to be altogether again.

The next day, we headed home to London from Gillingham – by train – so Georg von Buda became just plain ol’ George again!

Georg von Buda seemed a little deflated.

May’s comment: Little George. He does make a rascal of himself. He was doing so well when maybe at the end of week two, he gained his confidence of the surroundings.

Well, George, that’s one fine way not to be invited back! Or at least not allowed in the garden.

He is definitely still limping – so we will be taking him to the Royal Veterinary Hospital for a consultation and a MRI to figure out what’s happened to him.

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  1. Cheryl

    Oh George, and definitely George, not Georg von Buda, you can be a stinker, albeit a cute one!
    Prayers the MRI shows nothing serious!

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