Journey to Berlin – Dogs at Sea

Early rise at Harwich  – but not unreasonable.  We doggies were ready to go!IMG_6506A walk around the block – good morning Harwich!

IMG_6507 This is the annexe of The Pier –IMG_6509Me, I did what I had to do. George – too preoccupied with new sights and smells. So he didn’t do his Nr.2 but we had to move on.  Sorry. George!

IMG_6512They set up a special setting for us at the bar for Mummy to have breakfast.

IMG_6518 We were waiting for our “droppings” or “hand-me-downs” but got none. 🙁IMG_6519 IMG_6521Then it was time to leave for the port.  Once there, it was very straightforward. We waited to go through security. Here’s George in his bag, sitting on Mummy’s luggage – isn’t he just the prefect size.IMG_6525 While I wait patiently for our turn to go through security.IMG_6527Once we got through security, we got our boarding pass and then walked the very, very long ramp to the ferry. I remember this ramp. The last time we were coming off the ramp, I so needed to go that I did it on the ramp – both Nr 1 and Nr. 2 – much to Mummy’s horror. But this time, I just walked along the ramp.IMG_6532

I guess it gets easier second time around. I took this journey three years ago and I was only 10 months.  It was a bit bewildering, I remember.I was in the kennel with a lot of other dogs. We all barked up a chorus until we were tired and fell asleep. Mummy was up all night watching the TV in her cabin to see what I was doing.

This time around, I settled down. IMG_6538George on the other hand was crying but he too soon stopped. IMG_6537I know Mummy was watching us on the TV screen in her cabin.IMG_6549 IMG_6546Good bye Harwich! Thank you for a welcoming stay.IMG_6543

May’s comment: What a difference three years on.  The first time Darcy and I went on the Stena Line, Darcy was only 10 months old and I was naive enough to do it!

It was also just before Christmas so the ferry was very busy and I was weighed down with winter coat, Christmas presents and a puppy that did not walk in a straight line. We went straight from London to Dusseldorf – with no stopovers.

With much effort we made it. This time, Darcy’s a dream to travel with. She knows when to wait in line, she knows what it meant to be left in a kennel – no crying and I know she wouldn’t have any accidents whenever we’re indoors.

This time, George is in a bag as I carry him down the ramp till we’re safely out the building. But I think it’s also comforting for him to know Darcy’s at the kennel with him. He was crying when I left them but soon quietened down – as witnessed on the TV screen in the cabin.

We also learn to celebrate the little things.  We had to do the doggy business before we could proceed with other human things. Out the door first thing, and within 10 yards, both dogs squat at the same time. Hooray! One did a poo, the other did a pee! OK, let’s proceed.

Darcy – brilliant. Soon after, she’s done. As for George I think he gets so preoccupied with new senses and smells that he’s distracted. So we walked for half an hour to no avail. Well, my breakfast awaits. And then the taxi comes at 8:00am – so we had to abandon the idea.

Another go at the port and still new sights and smells – still no luck. We had to board. Left them at the kennels – Darcy again, an old pro. George was crying but soon stopped.

We’re allowed to visit whenever but felt it was better not to disrupt the quiet, so stopped in twice during the six hour plus ferry crossing. It really does get easier.

Well, that is Part 2 of our long trek to Berlin. At The Pier Hotel, there was a poster which said that in 1876, it took 14 hours from London to Rotterdam. Well, this is taking us about 27 hours!!!!



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