Let’s get off the ferry! But where are we going?!?!?!

More than six and half hours later, we were ready to get off the ferry! While the journey on something like a ferryu boat can be quite nice for a human, they can be quite frustrating for dogs. George needed a hug from Mummy – he didn’t like being left alone …IMG_6560even though he had me with him.

So six hours plus after being locked up in the kennel, as we were told specifically we’re not welcomed in any of the public areas, this sign caught Mummy’s eye as we were gutting ready to get off the ferry.

The staff wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information – we could have had a bit of fun!IMG_6565We finally arrived at Hoek van Holland. Mummy knew we both needed to have some time before we got on the next part of our travel.  So we  missed the connecting train to Rotterdam. IMG_6566And I must make mention of how well George did.

Little George who was so preoccupied with all the new sights and smells that he forgot to poo before we got on the ferry.  Well, he did us proud. He waited till we were out of the ferry terminal before he released himself. Well done, George, very well done!

We took the next train to Rotterdam and then somehow managed to miss the connection to Amsterdam. So we sat around waiting for the next one.
IMG_6568It was rush hour and the train was crowded. But we had also got news during our crossing from Aunty Beate that there will be a train strike in Germany starting TONIGHT!!! There were lots of phone calls as Mummy and her friends were trying to figure out what to do.

By then we were so tired – all we wanted to do was get to the hotel – for some rest, to be together and take on tomorrow – come what may. We will be alright as long as we are together.

May’s comment: All trains in Germany are going on strike starting tonight. Of all the days we chose to travel to Germany! Oh well, never mind. This is after all a journey – an adventure. We’ll figure out what we’ll do tomorrow.  Not only are we unable to get to Berlin, nor Dusseldorf but the hotel we’re staying in Amsterdam is fully booked for the weekend.  Not worried, we’ll figure out something to do before we get back on the ferry on Tuesday night!


  1. Maggie Danks

    Thats a bit of a setback May but I’m sure you will sort something. I love the photo of little George resting his head on MissDarcy. X

  2. Judith Vogel

    I love your adventurous philosophy! Taking advantage of the unexpected, there being no wrong forks in your path. I’ve been having wonderful experiences after being momentarily
    frustrated because of taking the wrong train or having to back track my steps to go in another direction…
    So, George has become a fellow traveler. Great job! I love the photo of his head on or close to his elder, wiser sister.
    xox and licks and tickles to the kids

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