Lovely stopover

Well, this was an unexpected surprise.  The Pier Hotel on the quay side of old Harwich was a welcoming stopover before we begin our journey to the continent.IMG_6480

After checking in the room, I was happy we finally arrived, but George, he spent a long time sniffing all around the room. Mummy was so worried that he will pee on the carpet so she was constantly watching over him – interrupting our blogging session.IMG_6478 But he finally settled down while we finished off.IMG_6477Then we went to check out the rest of the hotel – and we found a cosy sitting room.IMG_6494 IMG_6492There’s a big mirror outside of it.  Checking out how I look – but George – no interest.IMG_6497We then went for a walk along the pier and there were lots of fishy smells. and big fishing boats out there. Here’s me doing my posing. Little George doesn’t know how to pose – not yet!IMG_6482After our little walk, we went to the Ha’penny bar at the hotel for supper. This is me – being quite chilled under the table. We couldn’t go to the brasserie but the bar was more than sufficient for us.IMG_6483 But there’s also the highly acclaimed Harbourside Restaurant. That was as far as we could go.IMG_6484Anthony, the General Manager – absolutely doggy person saw us having our photos taken so he came to say hello. He has five rescues! And now The Pier is also on the list of hotels at Pet Pyjamas.IMG_6487 How do I look?IMG_6501May’s comment: This makes it so much easier for the next part of our journey. Actually a very civilised way to travel.

The Pier at Harwich consists of 14 bedrooms and two celebrated seafood restaurants. The little touches of The Pier – complimentary mini-bars, full English or continental breakfast and complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms – makes it all a little nicer. We feel refreshed and relaxed.

Tomorrow we journey on …

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Your journey brings to my mind the great, grand, months long grand tours of the continent that families would undertake to introduce their coming of age young adults to society.
    Using all methods of transportation except airplanes of course. I would love to stay in the hotels you have found. Fantastic how your eye leads you to the very essence of a place.

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