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The last day of 2015

We headed off to Burton Bradstock as the sun came out this morning on the last day of the year.  Read more…

Just being “DAWG”!!!

Mummy just renamed me – “Sandy Dawg!”

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Race you to the beach!

IMG_7122_2 Read more…

Beach time!!!

Hi Bow!!!! You’ve grown since we last saw you.  You are as big as Georgie now. You might get even bigger than him.  Poor little Georgie, all our friends seem to outgrow him – in size. Read more…

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Bali Beach Dogs

Mummy’s in Bali and she told me that the dogs there roam freely on the beach. She saw many of them at the end of day. Read more…


At the end of our walk on the beaches of St. Andrews, we came across a bus load of Chinese tourists. Read more…

“…and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Tomorrow night we will be travelling on the Caledonian Sleeper to Inverness, Scotland – all the way up north. Read more…