Last night cuddles

For a few weeks.

We’re just going our separate ways for a little while. Mum’s going in for some “fine tuning” this week and she needs to put her foot up to rest – so we’re being sent off to have our own holidays.

George went off to the countryside spending time with Jaffa and Mini.

It is always the night before we leave that we feel the saddest. So lots of hugs and cuddles as we sat and watched Saturday night telly.

Before we went to bed last night, Mum had brought out George’s Sleepy Pod and had put his bed by the front door. We watched with interest. This morning, she had packed his Equafleece and his “travel” collar. When the door bell rang and Camilla appeared, George was not his usual exuberant self. While I greeted her with Teddy and jumping for joy, he sat quietly by himself at a distance. So unlike him because he usually greets visitors by running around in circles and bringing a toy. This morning he didn’t.

When Mum put on my lead, only then did he come running over. He wasn’t going to be left behind. But once the collar was on, he went to sit by Mum, and kept asking her to stroke him. He knew he was going away. He had the saddest eyes and very quiet.

But it was time to load the car with his Sleepy Pod, Mum put him inside.

Be good, Georgie.

We know you will be loved and you will be very happy in the countryside with Jaffa and her family.

You will love being able to run around their vast garden, explore and take long walks.

Promise, you will have a good time.

Look at George, peering out the window – taking that last look at Mum.

Bye, George! We’ll see each other again soon.

I wish I was going with you, Georgie but tomorrow I’m off to the House of Mutt for a couple of weeks till I have to be home.

And he has arrived safely. He will be a part of a very lively and happy environment. The kids and the dogs – and lots of space to run. Mum said in parting to Camilla – can you make sure George learn to swim before he returns! LOL! Wishful thinking.

May’s comment: It is always the most difficult the night before we part ways albeit for a short while.

George has become so much a “Mummy’s boy” in the past year. He has always loved people and he always engages with them but when he gets the smallest inkling that he is being handed over, he shows his displeasure in different ways. He will either be really angry and would bark like crazy – showing his anger.

In the case of Camilla, because he knows her and instead of being angry, he became very quiet and clingy. And he had the saddest expression – almost in submission of what was about to happen.

That expression just breaks my heart.

Breaks my heart either way, but what a long way he has come. If I needed reassurance that he knows he belongs to me, I have it. He loves people and he will be the first to approach strangers to say hello and get attention, unlike Darcy who would say hello but would come back to me right away. But now he will always keep an eye on where I am and follow as soon as he senses I am about to walk away.

I’m finally having a procedure to remove an annoyingly painful Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot. I have delayed doing so for three years – out of fear of things going wrong. But it has stopped me from taking long walks with my dogs. I used to walk with them to Hyde Park – it was the best time for them – to be with me on walkies. I had relied on dog walkers to take them on most days, but the time has come for no more excuses not to take long walks – to spend precious time with them.



    He looks so sad! Good luck with the procedure May, and they will both be home before you know it.

  2. Claire

    Good luck May, you will be fine 👍😊

  3. Tracey

    Good luck with the surgery, you will be back
    walking your babies in no time ❤️ Love Tracey & Sydney xx

  4. Hilary P. Wells

    Hello there May, sending you all good wishes for your procedure, and praying for a speedy recovery. Sorry it is sad to be parted from Miss Darcy and George, but they will be well looked after and loved, and your love of course. You will soon be together again, for such a beautiful reunion.

  5. Sue Westhead

    Hope everything goes well with your op May. xx

  6. Jill Keiser

    You are doing the right thing, May! George and Darcy will be happy once they are settled in at their temporary stays!

  7. Judith

    I had one removed from my left foot almost ten years ago. So glad I had it done and have had no problems since. Good luck! Always hard to say goodbye, but George wouldn’t be sad if he didn’t love you and that’s a good thing!

  8. Beverly Tahor


    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully you will be back on your feet very soon and walking Darcy and George around Hyde Park x

  9. Liz Burman

    All the best May, hope everything goes well. Look forward to reading about more adventures with Darcy and George when you’re back on your feet.XX

  10. Angela Randall

    Good luck with your procedure. You will be fighting fit before you know it. Ready for long walks with George and Darcy!!

  11. Sara Cormack

    Oh poor Georgie that darling little face, I know Colette would have loved her boyfriend to stay but heavily pregnant Lola is a little harder to please at the moment! Looking forward to you being fit after the op.x

  12. Elaine Craigen

    Hope all goes well for you May and you make a speedy recovery. Darcy and George will enjoy their holidays and will be back with you soon.💕🐶🐶xx

  13. May, good luck with your procedure. In no time at all you will be out jogging with your dear Darcy and George! 😘

  14. Anuradha

    Goodluck with your operation! It’s always sad separating from our babies but they will be back before you know it for your cuddles.
    Take care! All the best ♥️

    PS : where are those doggy car seats from ? They are fantastic! Please let me know. Thanks

    • Miss Darcy

      They are called Sleepy Pods and we use them for flying mainly. They are the best designed ones!

  15. Barbara Sacher

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Looks like Darcy is with our Teddy (cockapoo) at the House of Mutt this week, another friend to play with😊

  16. Valerie

    Oh May! Wishing you a successful surgery and quick recovery! Never fret……both Darcy and George love you so much….it’s in their eyes.

  17. Norma and Marley

    Good luck may with your op. I know you’ll be fighting fit in no time and back with your fur babies. It is so sad leaving them for a bit but like children once your back is turned they are off on their adventure. Thinking of you with love.

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